Winter Pea Pods Soup recipe

Winter Pea Pods Soup with Sweet Potato !! A Comfort food

Winter Pea Pods Soup


A Favourite Season for most of us staying in the not so cold countries.

Mumbai Winter has always been special for me … First, because it’s not so humid, it’s very pleasant & above all the Fresh, Super Green food produce.

Winter is the time when you love having warm food which is hugely comforting to each one of us. A Soup can be a perfect meal for a cold night!

One such Winter Produce that we all love are the Garden Peas ( Matar, Vatana ) that are available in plenty & at a much lower price too. So, this is the season when most of us store them in the freezer for the year-round & they stay amazing.


But when we shell the Peas, most of us tend to throw away the pea pods but are you aware that these winter pea pods store a wealth of nutrition?

They are high on Calcium, Minerals & loads of benefits for the body. But you have to choose the really soft & green ones to cook with them.

I have made different kinds of soups, salads & curries using these Winter fresh Pea Pods & believe me, they are so sweet. In fact, you can even just blanch them & sauté a little in oil, flavour with your favourite seasoning & you have a side dish ready in a jiffy.

But today I am going to share my most loved Soup Recipe made with Winter Pea Pods & Sweet Potatoes….

Sweet Potatoes have a natural ability to cream & thicken the soup, so you don’t need to add any cream or white sauce to thicken it & it’s so much more Healthier for everyone including my Diabetic friends.

Here’s, the Winter Special Recipe for my Winter Pea Pods Soup with Sweet Potato


peas and onion

1Winter Pea Pods1/4 kg
2olive oil2 tsp
3sweet potato1
4Potato (optional)1
6cloves of garlic3
7Sautéed Peas for Garnish
8Salt & Pepper to taste


Method —

Chop the vegetables in chunks.

Heat oil in a pan.

Add the pea pods, garlic, onion, sweet potato & potato.

Sauté for about 3 minutes.

Now pressure cook the above with 3 cups of water ( you can add more later if you want a thinner consistency )

Let it cook for three to four whistles.

Allow to cool.

Now blend the mixture in a blender very well.

Strain the mixture through a sieve ( I like the bits & pieces so I don’t always sieve ).

Lastly, add the salt & pepper to taste.

Garnish with the Sautéed Peas

Serve hot with warm bread !!

Hope you love my first Recipe of 2020 !!

As always …

Be Happy & Thankful!

May you have a blessed 2020🌹