Watermelon Plum Juice

YES !! Summer is getting hotter as we are entering the month of May but so are my summer recipes!


A Fruit that everyone loves to eat in Summers is the WATERMELON. The juice is a favourite with almost everyone as it immediately provides relief from the sweltering heat thirst. In Mumbai, we have Fruit Juice vendors selling watermelon juices in plenty.

At a lot of places, we get to see stacks of watermelons by the roadside, which is a lovely sight. In fact, it is Mumbai’s most loved fruit.

WATERMELON is a fruit high on its benefits & it has an additional property of very low calorie which is why it is a fave for most Women !! But on a more serious note, Watermelons are rich in amino acids which helps circulation.

Drinking watermelon juice before a workout helps reduce muscle soreness, vitamin A in the juice helps to moisturize the skin, Fiber content in the fruit is great for digestive tract & it is a great antioxidant.

But having plain watermelon juice every day could get a little boring, so I thought of mixing plum juice with the melon juice & check the taste.


PLUMS are available for a very short time in the summer & I simply love this fruit. The tangy taste of plums added a kind of naughtiness to my simple Watermelon juice, 😃😃!!

Plums have their own advantages like being a great immunity booster as well as aids in reducing the blood sugar.

So coming back to my naughty juice, when I combined the two juices, the combination just ROCKED! But it needed some zeal, so I thought of adding some rock salt & cumin powder.

It was soo good & suddenly I thought of flavouring it with the Indian favourite syrup KALA KHATTA !! This was just what was needed, suddenly everyone in the house wanted more of it & so I knew it was just the Perfect Summer Drink !!


Ingredients for Watermelon Plum Juice

  1. Juice of three-fourths of a WatermelonWatermelon juice
  2. Small cubes of the rest of the Watermelon
  3. Juice of 4 plumsWatermelon juice
  4. A teaspoon of Rock salt / plain salt
  5. 1 tablespoon cumin powder
  6. 1 tablespoon sugar ( optional )
  7. 2 tablespoons Kala khatta syrup ( available in all Indian grocery stores )

Method of Watermelon Plum Juice

Watermelon juice

Firstly, Mix all the ingredients together in a blender except the Kala khatta syrup & Watermelon cubes

Now pour this juice in fancy glasses

Add the Watermelon cubes on top

Drizzle with the Kala khatta syrup & serve !!Watermelon plum juice

I assure you that your family & friends will be amazed at this wonderful Drink so do keep some extra fruit at home as you will definitely need it !!

Hope you enjoy reading my Recipes as much as I like sharing these with you !! Do comment below if you do !!!




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Very educative!

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