Washington Apples

WASHINGTON apples; NO OTHER APPLE COMES CLOSE was just the perfect line for these yummy Red n Green Apples from the Washington State in the Pacific Northwest region of the USA!

THE Washington Apples HIGH TEA MEET at The St Regis Hotel Mumbai was a pleasure to attend in all its totality right from the Venue ANAIS on the 38th floor to all the awesome Spread & the Great Recipes by Chef Himanshu Taneja as also the Knowhow about the Apples by the USDA officials!

An Apple A Day Keeps the Fat Away!!! is the new Mantra

APPLES have been my favourite fruit always so it was great to learn about the PUEBLA AVOCADO TARTARE & the SEB KA CHENNA PAYESH which was so well demonstrated by CHEF HIMANSHU.

APPLES are extremely rich in natural dietary fiber, antioxidants n flavanoids n their regular consumption reduces the risk of developing a lot of health hazards like diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases which are so prevalent in our today’s fast-paced life; Apples are also so essential while trying to lose weight which is again so important to keep yourself HEALTHY!

People suffering from Fruit Allergies also are often not affected by apples & can relish them without any fear.

The Spread which included the Apple Smoothie, Green Apple Iced Drink, Granny Smith& Clove Minced Cottage Cheese, Washington Apple & Cinnamon, Tempered Asparagus& Gruyere, Baingan Bharta& Airdried Apple Chips, Apple& Mustard Broccoli Quiche, Waterchestnut & Pinenut Pies, Crostini Apple Peanut Butter, Apple Jalebi, Apple Angoori Rabdi, Apple Scones, Apple Tarts with Jam, Apple Pani Puri……., was so Scrumptious that I have fallen in love with Apples all over again; maybe next year I will make Washington Apples my VALENTINE!!!!!!

I would suggest ALL U GUYS out there to please try these awesome WASHINGTON APPLES with their wide variety of ;

RED DELICIOUS___    A Classic

GOLDEN DELICIOUS____    The All Purpose

GRANNY SMITH_____  Versatile, a Favourite with the BAKERS

GALA______    Snacking & Salads Favs

FUJI________    Known for its Hard Texture & Syrupy Sweetness

WASHINGTON APPLES are available throughout the year: Store them at about 0-degree centigrade / 32-degree fahernite; while selecting Apples see to it that their skin is shiny & not dull!

Prepare Apple dishes just before serving to minimize oxidation (browning); Protect cut apples by dipping them into a solution of one part citrus juice (could use lemon) and three parts water.

Apples have almost 0 fat content as also minimal sugar, SO GO AHEAD & MAKE IT A RITUAL TO HAVE AN APPLE A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Given below is the Nutrition Fact ( Serving Size 1 large apple 242g / 8oz)

Washington  Red Apples


Washington Apples Nutritional facts

Washington  Green Apples

Washington Apples dishes

Washington Apples dishes

Baingan Bharta and Apple chips

Washington Apples dishes

Washington Apples dishes

Washington Apples dishes

Washington Apples dishes

Chef in action

Pubela Avocado Tartare


Washington Apples dishes


Washington Apples dishes

Washington Apples dishes

















Pani puri


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