Vegetables…. So Versatile, Healthy, Delicious… Can be prepared in a Zillion Different Ways…I simply love my Veggies… Especially in the Winter, when they are so Fresh, Tender & sooo GREEN…

Winter is here & I am ready to post my Winter Recipes with fresh vegetables.. I’ll be posting some Global recipes ,some authentic Indian recipes as well as Fusion recipes which can’t be far behind as I simply love cooking with fresh vegetables and thinking of something new to be cooked into a delicious dish….

Today I am going to post a VEGETABLE CURRY with a South African twist to it…. South African because of the spices added in the curry are so similar to the spices that we use in our Indian food… I had a similar curry on one of my visits to the South of France where I even tasted Algerian food ,Peruvian food… But the South African curry that I had left an impact on me and I am presenting to you my version of this delicious curry !!! The Spicy Flavour of this Curry is just perfect for the onset of Winter ….

For this curry you need…


 Zucchini sliced

1 broccoli cut into big pieces and blanched ( cut the broccoli , add in boiling water for about 2 minutes, then put in ice cold water)

One big carrot sliced well

1 Red  pepper cut into cubes

150 gms of paneer / cottage cheese

2 tablespoons of olive oil

Salt to taste

 For the Curry you need —

5 onions with the skin

One garlic pod with the skin

2 tablespoons of coriander seeds

One tablespoon of cumin seeds

5/6  dry red Chillies ( can take more)

Half cup coconut milk ( optional)


Grill all the veggies with some olive oil on a grill pan lightly till just about cooked ,you can even add mushrooms if you like

For the curry–

 Heat a pan on a high flame

Roast the onions and the garlic with the skin on till they become black in some parts

Let them cool ,then remove the skins of both the onion and the garlic and grind well in a mixer.. keep it on the side

Now roast The Red Chillies , Coriander seeds and cumin seeds on a medium flame for about 5 minutes and allow to cool

 Dry grind the spices into a powder and keep aside

For assembling the dish

Heat olive oil in a broad bottom pan

Add the ground spice powder & sauté for 2 minutes

Now add the onion garlic paste, salt and cook for about 5 minutes till it emits a lovely Aroma

Add the coconut milk if using or add equal amount of water

Now add all the grilled vegetables, paneer and cook again for 3 to 4 minutes

The yummy South African vegetable curry is ready to be relished…. Serve with Hot Rice..

COCONUT milk is something I have used since I thought it added more flavour to the Curry but you can Omit if you do not like coconut.. this gravy is generally made with mutton/ lamb pieces in South African countries was what I was told but they so graciously made it for me Vegetarian..

Hope you like this recipe as much as I enjoyed making it and gorging on it!!


Megala · November 17, 2017 at 4:48 pm

Veg curry looks absolutely delicious !

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