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USAEC— USAppleExportCouncil organized a Four Course SitDown Dinner at THEORY with the FOOD BLOGGERS ASSOCIATION, INDIA (FBAI).

USA Apples


Theory Restaurant

Invited by the FBAI to one more BRILLIANT EVENT, the SITDOWN Dinner was such a pleasure with them serving us GOURMET Dishes using USApples.

J.K.Rowling says “Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the First September was Crisp & Golden as an Apple”.

The Food curated by Chef Clyde seemed to remind us of AUTUMN; was so well made & planned. APPLES were used so magnificently in every Dish…
The Evening started with Chef Clyde showing us some wonderful Recipes using USApples.


Chef Clyde showing some wonderful Recipes

The Dinner started with an Amazing Mocktail like Apples & Cinnamon Sparkler which was really superb with cinnamon adding its flavour to our Hero ‘APPLE’, Fresh Apple Juice, other Cocktails flowed around.

Fresh Apple Juice

The Apple Carrot Soup with Almond Slivers had a great Sweet Fruity Flavour.


The SALADs included were the Poached Apple with Goat Cheese & Crunchy Endives with poached apples, drizzled with red wine reduction served with gratinated goat cheese & hazelnut which were again brilliant.

Apple Carrot Soup


The Main Course had the Apple Gnocchi with Butternut Squash & Sage butter, Pan seared Apple Gnocchi served with cinnamon-glazed Squash & Burrata both of which were delicious.

Apple Gnocchi with Butternut Squash


The use of Cheeses like Goat Cheese & Burrata with APPLES was something I simply Loved & which is inspiring me to try some Enticing Recipes using both.

THe Last but not the Least Course was the DESSERTS which included Apple CHEESECAKE & the LOW Sugar Apple BAKLAVA which was INTOXICATING.

Low Sugar Apple BAKLAVA

Dessert menu at USAEC




The Desserts were Gluten Free & served with Awesome Burnt Butter Icecream.

The Service by THEORY was Great.

The Evening was MAgical in all its Spheres!!!!!!!

at USApple Export Council Dinner




USApple Export Council


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