Fitness Mantra with Green Tea

Twinings Green Tea

Green Tea…
But Why have this only Plain without adding any more Flavours which also nourish your health.

Green Tea as we all know has a lot of HEALTH Benefits ; it is loaded with antioxidants, has less caffeine than tea or coffee, boosts the metabolic rate thereby helpful for weightloss, lowers the risk of type2 diabetes which is so common today, lowers the risk of developing infections, good for cardiovascular health & so much more.

Usually Green Tea is just had plain by dipping the sachet in hot water.

But I like to add a Healthy Tasty Twist to my Green Tea !!

I love to Add a little of Fresh Ginger, Fresh Mint leaves & a little of Cumin seeds..
All these are added not only for the taste but they add to the benefits of your Green Tea.

Ginger helps in proper digestion, reduces bloating in the stomach, helps body pain, reduces inflammation, helps in nausea, great for weightloss, helps in cold & cough, it’s a natural muscle relaxant so very helpful post workout.


Jeera / Cumin seeds are great for boosting your immune system which is so essential these days, they also help in lowering sugar levels, help in skin disorders, very good for anxiety & sleep disorders, detoxifying the blood which helps you stay away from diseases.


Mint leaves ( My Favvv) are super for weightloss, allergies, aid proper digestion, good for oral health, clears the congestion of the nose & throat, good for memory, prevents fatigue which is sooo common in today’s fast paced life.

Mint leaves

I Have shared the benefits of Ginger, Cumin & Mint, now how to make this Tea.

Making of Twinings Green Tea

2 cups of water

Add half teaspoon jeera/ Cumin seeds

1 spoon grated ginger

Around 15 Mint leaves

1 sachet of plain Green Tea

Boil the water, add the jeera/ Cumin, grated ginger, mint leaves.

Keep on boiling for 5 minutes till all the Flavours are infused.

Now switch off the gas, Pour the infused water in a glass/ mug & dip your Green Tea sachet in the water & leave it again for 5 to 7 minutes.

Remove the Sachet & Have this Healthy Flavourful Green Tea.

Twinings Green Tea

Make this in the morning & have it twice in the day, once MID-MORNING & then around half an hour after your lunch.

It’s a Great Stimulant, Better than Coffee, Healthier than Tea.

This is just a general recipe & not to be treated as medical cure if you are suffering from some ailment.


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