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Zaika-E-Awadh: Baluchi The Lalit Mumbai

The Lalit Mumbai Food Festival

Invitation to Zaika-e-Awadh Food Festival at BALUCHI< THE LALIT Mumbai by Food Bloggers Association, India #theFBAI was such a privilege!!!

AWADHI Food is typically from LUCKNOW, which is a large city in Northern India which is known for its Rich Culture & Food.

BALUCHI with its Chef Mohd. Rais & Chef Parimal Sawant curated a special Awadhi Food Menu which actually took US to the LAND of the NAWABS.

The Awadhi Food was so delicately FLAVOURFUL, the use of SPICES was done so well that it was actually a Royal Feast.

The Feast started off with the Fresh ROSE Shot which had us mesmerized.

The Appetisers or MEZBAN as they call it like the Mawa Aur Mawey ki sheekh, Subz ki Galawat were delicious.

The MASGOOL DASTARKHAN which is the main course was addictive with DELICACIES like Subz Korma, Talle Aloo ka Qorma, Waterchestnut with lotus root curry was a dish I have never tasted before & which was splendid.

The Rotiyon ki Tokri was full of Naan, Tandoori Roti, Parathas.

TAFTAN… which is a kind of Naan, a sweet Flatbread flavoured with cinnamon was again something I was introduced to & which was again SO NAWAABI.

And the Grand Finale was the Desserts like Gulkand ki Phirni, Shahi Tukra which was awesomely flavoured with Saffron, which is a favourite.

If this was not enough, we were served with some Superb PAAN SHOTS, as also they had a PAAN counter.

The Live Singing & Music just added more Colour to the Royal Treatment.

The Non-Vegetarian Food like Ghosht Zafrani Kebab, Murg Parchay, Bhuney Pyaaz Aur Mirch Ka Murgh, Shahi Nihari.. was at its best for my Carnivorous friends.

A Special Mention Has to be made of the Dal Baluchi which was one of the best I have had.

So, Do Not Miss this Amazing AWADHI FESTIVAL ongoing at The Lalit Mumbai up to the 30th June 2017!!!!

The Lalit Mumbai
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Baluchi The Lalit Mumbai

The Lalit Mumbai Food Festival

The Lalit Mumbai Food Festival

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