Summer Cucumber Lemonade Recipe

Yes Summer is Hot but the Sunshine is Beautiful
Yes Summer is Hot but the long bright days are beautiful
Yes Summer is Hot but the Clear Skies it gets with it are beautiful
Yes, Summer is Hot but the food it yields in the farms is beautiful !!
And The Beautiful Summer Food is what I am going to get for you soon in the form of some Easy & Quick Recipes.

Summer means feeling thirsty all through the day due to the heat & humidity especially in places like Mumbai. But its also the time when vacations are on & there’s lots of activity going on. But the one thing I am very particular about in Summer is to take care that the body should not get dehydrated as it is the root cause of getting sick in the hot summer days.

I have always had the habit of making lots of Limboo Pani or Shikanji or Lemonade (as it is globally known) in the Summer as it is the best drink to sip on. The traditional Shikanji is a classic Indian Recipe which is so famous worldwide & is a favourite drink of most. In fact, in Gujarat, we have Street Vendors selling the Epic Limboo Soda on the streets which is a delight to have & an experience in itself.

cucumber lemanade recipe

Get Summer ready with Cucumber Lemonade

Inspired by our Limboo Paani or the Shikanji, I have curated today’s Summer Special Recipe. When I went to my local market the other day, I came across this vendor who had stacks of Kakdi / Cucumber on his cart & the sight was truly beautiful for a foodie like me. So I bought a good amount of Cucumber from him as we all love to eat Kakdi even with our meals simply sprinkled with salt.

When I got home, I was just going to make the Limboo Paani for the family when it struck me to use the fresh Kakdi/ Cucumber that I had bought from the Market & use it in the Shikanji. And lo behold… What a delicious Drink it was. Quick & Easy to make, this Kakdi Shikanji has become a regular in my house.

cucumber juice

Cucumber also has great health benefits … It naturally cools your body in the hot summer so is a great option for keeping the body hydrated in Summer, is a great antioxidant, boosts immunity & is also highly beneficial for the skin, eyes & weight loss.

In this Summer Special Recipe, I have used Rock salt ( Kala Namak ) & Rock Sugar ( Khadi Sakar )as they give you additional advantages rather than the regular salt & sugar. In fact in Ayurveda, these ingredients are given high importance.

So here’s my Summer Special Recipe for

Kakadi Shikanji! Summer Cucumber Lemonade


Ingredients —

Sr. NoIngredientQuantity
2Lemon Juice1
3Rock Salt1/2 tsp
4Rock Sugar powder2 tsp
5pepper powder1/4 tsp
6Water1 glass
7Ice cubes
8Fresh Mint leavesfor garnish



Peel the cucumber & chop it into pieces

Put all the ingredients in a blender & blend it very well.

Strain the liquid & pour in a fancy glass.

Put the ice cubes as much as desired

Garnish with fresh mint leaves, slices of Cucumber & Lemon.


The Refreshing Summer Special Kakdi Shikanji / Cucumber Lemonade is ready to be served !!

Have a Happy Summer.

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Be Happy & Thankful


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