STRAWBERRY Infused Water !! Berry Days


The Fruit that Literally rules the World with its Sweet & Sour Taste

Strawberry is such a Versatile fruit …. Used in all kinds of Delicious Desserts, also in flavouring & Cooking certain dishes…it is my Favourite Fruit !!!

Sharing a Quick Strawberry Infused Water Recipe which is so Refreshing, Healthy & Delicious especially now when Strawberries are so Fresh !!


 U Need —-

4 glasses of Water

4 to 5 Strawberries cut into half

2 tbsp lemon juice

Few fresh Mint leaves


Pour the Water in a Jug

Add the lemon juice & stir well

Add the Mint leaves

Lastly Add the Halved Strawberry pieces

Lightly stir everything 

Now Let all the Flavours infuse the water by keeping it in the fridge for at least 3 to 4 hours, best is overnight

The Strawberry Infused Water is ready to be Devoured !!!

This is also a great Detox Water especially when you are on a diet…

If you add some sugar or honey in this water it can be served also as a great Drink to your Guests !!!

This was a Quick EASY Strawberry Recipe… Wait for more interesting Recipes coming soon with Our Fave Strawberries !!!


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