Once again I bring to you A Favourite Dal or Lentils Recipe for DALDIVAS….

As I said earlier these kinda days inspire me to really go deep into My family traditions & history to write about some Recipes which are hard to find even on Our Vast Google…

RANGOON VAAL… Known as Field Broad Beans or Lima Beans are made mainly during traditional functions or during the Mango season …. with AamRas & Padwali Rotli… My mouth is already watering as I write this..Lima beans are a little smaller than the the Field Broad Beans….

This is One of the easiest Dals to prepare provided it is soaked & cooked well, the trick is to make sure that it is not overcooked nor undercooked as in both the case the dish will not taste good… As with other Beans these are also highly beneficial especially to vegetarians as they are full of protein & also very Nutritious !!!

So what are we waiting for 😀😀😀

Let’s get started with the Recipe of RANGOON VAAL NI DAL !!!

U need —

1 cup Rangoon VAAL or Field Broad Beans or Lima Beans

Half teaspoon ajwain or Carom seeds

Half teaspoon cumin seeds

A pinch of aesofoetida

4 to 5 Boria Marcha or Indian round dry red Chillies ( can substitute with any dry chillies)

4 to 5 kokum or 1 teaspoon tamarind paste

1 tablespoon grated jaggery

Few curry leaves

Salt to taste

Method ——

Soak the Rangoon VAAL or Field Broad Beans in ample water for at least 8 hours…take a big vessel & enough water as they will double in size

After they are soaked well, drain the water in which they were soaked

Now pressure cook these beans with 3 cups of water until one whistle ( if they are soaked well they will not even need soda bicarbonate )

Let the cooker cool down completely before opening the lid

Heat oil in a pan, add the ajwain/ carom seeds, jeera/ cumin seeds

Let these crackle well

Then add the aesofoetida & curry leaves

Add the turmeric powder, Chilli powder, jaggery, kokum or tamarind paste, salt & stir well cooking on a medium flame all the time

Now add the cooled cooked beans in the pan along with the water

Stir everything well together very lightly as we don’t want to break the beans

Cook for about 5 to 7 minutes, switch off the gas

The Delectable RANGOON VAAL are ready to be served…

Serve with Hot Rotis , Bhakri or Chaupada ( kind of Parathas )

If you want to make these Dry use only 2 cups of water while pressure Cooking the beans…

Once again I hope you Enjoy these Recipes….if you do please like & follow my blog !!


BE HAPPY !!!!!


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