Navaratri Special – Rajgira Sago Thalipeeth

NAVRATRI means Nine Nights.

A Celebration in so many parts of India. In Gujarat, we have a Nine-day Celebration wherein people fast for all the nine days. It has a Unique way of celebrating the nights with GARBA RAS & DANDIYA ( Gujarati Folk Dance) A Fusion of Dance & Faith. It is celebrated with so much PASSION & FERVOUR that is not to be missed!!!

Navaratri Utsav recipe

This 9-day festival is celebrated widely by fasting and eating certain foods which can be consumed for the purpose of fasting only… these include Sago / sabudana, Rajagiri /Amaranth flour, Peanuts, potatoes, Buckwheat, Bottle Gourd and so on.

One of my favourite recipes for this fasting is Rajgira SagoTHALIPEETH is an awesome combination of the Rajgira Flour and Sago combined with some other ingredients. This can be had plain with curds or yoghurt with some chutney or also you can make some Potato/ aloo sabzi to go with it and it simply tastes Amazing.


For Rajgira Sago Thalipeeth recipe you need


  1. One cup Rajgira or Amaranth Flour.
  2. One cup Sago or Sabudana presoaked in a little water for at least 3 hours.
  3. One cup grated boiled potatoes.
  4. Half a cup of grated Bottle Gourd.
  5. One tablespoon green chilli paste.
  6. Juice of one lemon.
  7. Salt/rock salt to taste.
  8. Ghee / Clarified Butter to stir-fry.


Mix all the ingredients except the Ghee/ Clarified Butter.

It will form into a soft dough.

making of Rajgira Sago Thalipeeth

Make small flat balls out of this dough.

Heat a nonstick frying pan / tawa. Brush a little Ghee around the tawa.

Take one small flat dough ball and spread it into a little bigger circle on the frying pan or the tawa itself.

Spread a little Ghee on the circled dough ball and let it cook on one side until fully cooked and has brown spots.

Flip on the other side and cook similarly until brown spots appear.

Cook on both sides till it is well cooked.

Your delicious Rajagiri Sago thalipeeth is ready to be served!!!

This is one of the most Healthy recipes to consume in your fasting and also very Delicious when had with potato sabji or plain chutney as mentioned earlier…. you can even use this as a snack to give your children who ll love it with ketchup or some Chili sauce… that’s just A Fun Twist to this amazing fasting dish…KETCHUP of course if they are not fasting!!!

Rajgira Sago Thalipeeth

I love having this thalipeeth with my Adrak Ki Chai or Ginger tea!!!


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