Parsley Underrated Superfood

Parsley Underrated Superfood!!

Parsley Underrated Superfood

In my this series of Superfood, I have to include parsley as it’s so Underrated that most people think of it only as a garnish but it is loaded with so many benefits!!

Parsley is native to the Mediterranean region of Europe but has gained popularity throughout the world as it is widely used in Salads, pasta, fusion food etc but let’s know about the benefits.

  1. Parsley juice is known to be very beneficial for rheumatism n arthritis.
  2. The Vitamin K present in parsley is great for bone density.
  3. It is a natural DETOXIFIER for the body, mix a little parsley, water n lemon, blend it and have in the morning.
  4. It is iron-rich so very good for anaemia.
  5. It relieves stiff muscles.
  6. Aids digestion.
  7. Parsley is an excellent source of Vitamin C so good for the common cold, cough etc.

So now don’t just think of parsley as a garnish but include it more often in your everyday diet and enjoy the benefits!!

As usual, this is just a general article so please check with your Medical Authority if you have any ailments.

Parsley Underrated Superfood


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