I was so looking forward to posting a lot of recipes for Children’s Day but to my disappointment I was down with the flu and was in a terrible condition …..to even speak was a task… so there flew out my idea of posting recipes for you but will definitely try to make it up now..

Children are so special to all of us …their  INNOCENCE… their GULLIBILITY is heartwarming to everyone.. on Children’s Day let’s find the hidden child in US which gets lost somewhere in this mad pace of life… Every adult teaches something to the kids but we also have to remember to learn from the kids …how to be happy, how to trust and how to live life… things we Adults tend to forget so easily…..

I love making food for children especially my nephews and nieces whom I adore completely…. The best part about the younger ones is the way unabashedly they will tell you on the face what is wrong or what is right with the food… I love this quality about them so when I actually want to have a real opinion about the food I ask my younger nephew and I get a correct  bang on report instantly… Hahaha

I love baking cakes, making desserts and cooking all kinds of stuff for children … Today I’ll be posting my nephews favourite NOODLES recipe which he is completely crazy about.. He can have it for breakfast ,lunch ,dinner and if allowed every hour of the day !!!

Here I Call NOODLES the Asian Piedpiper because I can almost see kids trailing behind this dish all around the Globe !!!!

So let’s get started with the NOODLES recipe… this is similar to Hakka Noodles but not exactly the same…


1 packet of noodles

2 TSP oil

2 teaspoons garlic paste

 Half teaspoon sugar

2 teaspoons soya sauce

One tablespoon ketchup

1 carrot chopped into strips

1 capsicum or green pepper chopped into strips

1 green onion chopped into big pieces

Salt to taste


Boil water in a big pan

Add salt and 1 teaspoon of oil

Add the noodles and cook for 3 to 4 minutes taking care not to overcook the noodles

Switch off the gas, strain the noodles, pour some cold water on them, drain off the water 

Apply 1 tsp oil to the cooked noodles and spread them in a large plate so that they lose all the moisture & become completely dry

Heat oil in a non stick pan

At the garlic ,sugar ,soya sauce, ketchup and mix everything well

Now add the chopped vegetables all together and cook on a high flame for about 2 to 3 minutes

Now add the noodles in the pan and mix everything well & cook for about 2 minutes

There you have the most Delicious NOODLES ready in a jiffy for your kids..

The trick to getting NOODLES “just like outside” as the kids say lies in drying the noodles of all the moisture and then cooking them…

 These Noodles have no MSG so they are Quite Healthy…Add more Veggies if U prefer but I love it this way…

Hope you guys enjoy my Recipes !!!

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