My favourite quote from Rudyard Kipling

This is so simple quote but so true. A Mother is the most Unselfish Being GOD has created for her child, she keeps all her passion & desires on the side to beautifully raise her child & forgets her identity in the journey and that’s why probably they are MOTHERS !!!

MY MOTHER has been my first Friend from birth till date when I am almost reaching middle age. I guess that’s the beauty of having a kind-hearted Beautiful Mother. She instils all the right discipline & values in us at the right age which is so important to become a Good Human Being. And you ‘ll agree that it is so with all of us.

My being such a FOODIE is also a part of her in Me !! When I was very young I would want to cook & she would never say no even though I would mess up her kitchen so badly !! But that’s the kind of patience she has & most MOTHERS have too.

As I have stated so many times in the past two she has been my Real Teacher in the Kitchen…Her Formula for taking “ANDAJ ” ( approximation ) has been helping me till today even in creating New Recipes for my Blog.

When I have to post Regional Gujarati Recipes (Gundar Na Laadva), she’s the one I call instantly.

Even when I was in college, I would call my friends over for dinner ( which I still love doing ) & she would be put to task with all her Cookbooks coming out & I would be prodding her to let me try International Recipes which were not so commonly made in those days. She made sure I learned my everyday cooking to the T ( my Dad was also hugely responsible for that ) & I am proud to say my Husband loves my Gujarati food Especially the Chorafalli !!

My Mom would make this MAMRA NI CHIKKI of which the Recipe is on my blog but I don’t know if it is as good as hers but yes you can tell me whether you like this Recipe. It’s a simple sweet made with puffed rice, jaggery & ghee which is so much like today’s granola.

My various Gujarati Recipes has inspired by her!


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