Moongdal Moongfali Salad Recipe

Moongdal Moongfali Salad !! A Summer Salad

Moongdal Moongfali Salad Recipe

Summer means Light food … fresh Fruits n Vegetables as we don’t want to bombard ourselves with heavy food.

When I went to the local market yesterday ( by now you all know that it is my favourite place to hang out 😃) … I found these Raw Groundnuts & my joy knew no bounds. I picked up quite a lot as I too wanted my nephews to experience the pleasure of eating these Delicious Salted Moongfali which we had experienced with our Grandma’s… They would actually boil a big vessel of salted water, cook & peel the groundnuts and make the whole family enjoy them.


The fresh Raw Groundnuts available in the local market in Summer was a favourite with my Grandmoms & I still remember how they would boil these in salted water & share with the whole family

These Raw Groundnuts are high on Nutrition & even better than the roasted ones.

1. These are high on protein especially for the Vegetarian

2. They have lesser calories so great for weight loss

3. They help in proper digestion

4. Boost your metabolism

5. Great for neurological health

6. Reduce the risk of heart disease

7. Help in regulating sugar levels

I think these benefits are enough to encourage our children to eat these local Healthy & Delicious ingredient. Try to add them to certain dishes that they love & make it a habit for them.

So, I landed up tossing up a great Salad which is so quick & easy to prepare with just a few ingredients.

Here’s the Recipe for Moongdal Moongfali Salad

Ingredients for Moongdal salad

Ingredients —

Half cup cooked Brown Rice / Red Rice

  • Half cup soaked Moongdal / Yellow Lentils ( soak for at least an hour & half)
  • A Bunch of Mooli Bhaji / Raddish Leaves…if not available, use spinach leaves
  • Half cup Fresh Ground Nuts
  • 3 tsp Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • 2 tsp soya sauce
  • Half tsp black pepper powder
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • Salt to taste

Method —




Rice with other ingredient

Rice with mongfalli

Stir fry the soaked Moongdal in a bit of olive oil till it becomes a little crunchy

  • Chop the Raddish Leaves & keep some leaves aside for Garnish
  • Boil the fresh Groundnuts in some salted water, cool, peel & keep aside
  • Mix the Soya sauce, Extra Virgin Olive oil, Lemon juice, Salt & pepper into a dressing
  • To plate the Salad, take a plate.. put some whole Raddish leaves on it
  • Now start layering the Salad by first adding the Brown Rice, Moongdal, then the Raddish leaves, the Boiled Groundnuts
  • Now drizzle the dressing all over
  • Instead of layering, you can also mix all the ingredients together & place it on the Raddish leaves.

The Fresh & Seasonal Moongdal Moongfali Salad is ready to be served

Moongdal Moongfali Salad

You can serve it warm or chilled as preferred!!

Have a great Summer..

Be Happy & Thankful !!

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