As I promised I have been sharing with you my Winter Recipes …one of the veggie available in abundance in winter is the MOGRI or Moongra or the Radish Pods as known in English….

This can be found with the street side vegetable vendors…. They come in two colours GREEN and Dark Purple with the green one being more commonly used but the darker one is which I prefer to use as it has a Unique Flavour… very Sharp and Pungent.. the green one is also good to use if you don’t find the darker variety…

The sharp flavours of the Radish Pods help in in making delicious Chutneys, Salads, KACHUMBER ….. They can even be made into a Stir Fry  with some other vegetables like cabbage, carrots ,capsicum …they can also be added as a garnish to your vegetables & curries….

Mogri or the Radish Pods can be used RAW or just cooked lightly and should be used up within a day or two as they do not Store longer …they have many health benefits and are very low in calories

So let’s get started with a simple Recipe of MOGRI KACHUMBER


A bunch of MOGRI or Radish pods

One teaspoon oil

Half teaspoon mustard seeds

A Pinch of asafoetida

2 green chillies slit lengthwise

5 to 6 curry leaves

A Pinch of turmeric powder

Salt to taste


 Wash the Mogri very well, chop well, discard the green tops

Heat oil in a pan

Add the mustard seeds and allow them to splutter

Add the asafoetida

Add the curry leaves and the green chillies

Add the salt, turmeric powder and then add the chopped mogri or radish pods and cook on a high flame for just about 3 minutes, switch off the gas..

The Mogri kachumber is ready to be served…

This dish has to be prepared just 5 minutes before you want to serve it as it loses the flavours if made too much in advance…

This can be used as a kachumber or salad ,also as a garnish to any vegetable or Indian curry….Add boiled potatoes to this & it tastes fabulous if had with plain Roti…

Hope you enjoy this recipe and wait for more recipes coming up soon on my blog…. do follow me if you like my recipes !!!!

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admin · September 28, 2020 at 4:14 pm

I have purchased it from the local market, haven’t found seeds for this
They are widely available in Maharashtra & Gujarat

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