Summer is here & it is Holiday Season. We all love Summer because it brings the vacations & travels with it. BUT there are a few things we need to be careful about in this season too.

Although the saying goes ” Sunshine is the best medicine“. We have to keep ourselves hydrated all the while as our body gets depleted of all the essential nutrients very fast. The need to replenish the lost electrolyte is really needed or we could be severely dehydrated !!!

NATURE has bestowed some amazing seasonal produce on us for maintaining our Health & Fitness, if we abide by these rules, the risk of developing any kind of infection becomes very less.

In Summers, we are given awesome fruits like the Melons, mangoes, citrus fruits & so many more .. On my recent visit to my local vendor, I found some amazing ORANGES from Nagpur, a state in India famous for its sweet oranges. I was ecstatic to see these & bought a whole lot of them.

When I returned home, I was wondering if I could make something refreshing with these oranges & that’s when I remembered the ORANGE COLADA which I had had in Thailand sometime back!!

Just as Pinacolada is made with Pineapple & Coconut, ORANGE COLADA is made from oranges & coconut. But how can I not add my twist to it ??


So I thought of adding my favorite Herb MINT to this super Mocktail. Mint is a great cooling agent for the body in Summers. Mint In combination with these fresh oranges, coconut, made my drink so Healthy & Delicious !!

Oranges are known for their high Vitamin C, Coconut for its energy boosting properties, Mint leaves for its digestive properties !!! All these together made my super Refreshing Summer Drink…

Recipe for


You Need

  1. Fresh juice of 4 oranges
  2. Half cup thick coconut milk
  3. Some fresh mint leaves
  4. Ice as required
  5. 1 teaspoon sugar or honey


Blend all the ingredients together

Remove in a tall glass

Garnish with an orange slice & a mint sprig

The Yummiest & the Simplest SUMMER Drink is ready to be served !!

When using fresh juices, try to juice them as & when required as stale juices are not very safe to consume.

If you want to make this for a party, you can also use the Readymade Orange juice & coconut milk available in the market !!

If you have enjoyed this Recipe, do comment below !! Would love it.



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