#ChaiShaiAurBaatein group which I started last year has seen some great meetups but the one we had at Swami Brahmanand Pratishthan School for Special Children( details given below ) was indeed a memorable one leaving us all highly emotional but also giving us lots of positive energy from the beautiful children at the school.

When my lovely friend Pushpa Moorjani invited me to have my Chai Shai Aur Baatein meet at her school, I was more than eager to have our meet there. And when I put it across to the members of the group, most of them were looking forward to this as much as me. But as it happens at almost every event, some of the members had to drop off due to work or social commitments.

So, it was only the six of us on 17th February… the month of Love that we set out..







Rabia & Aarthi came on their own from really far to Navi Mumbai ( God bless them ) & the four of us started out in my car with some nashta in the car, Rummy got her Delicious Mathri & Kanji, I carried my Methi Theplas & Shilpa carried her curd rice as she wasn’t well ( but she didn’t cancel inspite of that )…. Anjali also came though she was highly exhausted after having guests at her place. And how I love these girls …

But we had absolutely no idea of the Awesome preparations that Pushpa had been doing at the school for us & the Wonderful time that was stored for us.

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When we reached, the kids were busy preparing yummy Mayonnaise Sandwiches & Poha for us ( Recipe below ) They were diligently chopping & cooking these dishes with the help of their lovely dedicated teachers & mothers.

Then they set up the table & asked us to sit down as they had curated a whole Dancing & Singing program for us.

And We were Flabbergasted !!!!!

The Choreography & the Music with the perfect step to step dancing had us all sit up in our chairs with surprise. These children were bestowed with God’s Gift & the energy that was present in that moment… Only the ones present could feel it . We were all so proud of them & we actually started dancing with them. I can only imagine the hard work that was put in every dance & song by these amazing kids & we will forever be thankful to them, Pushpa, the Principal, the Teachers & the Mothers who made all this possible 🙏

Then we cut the KitKat Oreo Chocolate Cake that I had taken for them from my Shital’s Food Cottage they also gorged on Shilpa’s Delicious Brownies & Rummy’s Mouthwatering Chocolate Jars as well as Rabia’s Jalebi with Rabdi & Aarthi’s yummy pinwheel sandwiches & Anjali’s Chocolate Eclairs.

Lastly, we all bought some Amazing stuff handmade by the children themselves like paper bags, soaps, jewellery, spice powders…( Contact given below )

Me along with my friends have to thank our dear friend Pushpa for giving us the memories of a lifetime & sending us home with renowned energies to face Life altogether in a different way!

Recipe of Poha made by the Students …

Ingredients: poha medium or thick flakes( flattened rice), potato, tomato, green peas, green chillies, curry leaves, oil, peanut, mustard seeds, turmeric, salt, lemon juice, coriander leaves, grated coconut.
Quickly rinse poha and set aside, in the meantime prepare the veggies. Boil the peas and keep aside.
Heat pan and roast the peanuts and keep aside.
Pour oil add mustard seeds,when they pop add curry leaves and small cubes of potato and saute it till soft and cooked, then add tomatoes cook till soft and boiled peas. Add turmeric, salt and lemon juice and poha. Mix well , cook on a low heat till done. Add peanuts. Garnish it with grated coconut and coriander.

Recipe of the Vegetable Mayonnaise Sandwiches

Ingredients: eggless mayonnaise, hung curd, grated cabbage, grated carrots, green chillies, green and yellow capsicums, salt, pepper and tomato sauce.
Hang the curd in muslin cloth to remove extra water.
Take equal quantity of mayonnaise and curd add salt , pepper and tomato ketchup according to taste and mix well. Add grated cabbage, carrots and green and yellow capsicums. Mix them well. Stuffing for Sandwich is ready. Spread a portion of prepared mix on the slice of bread and Sandwich it using another bread slice. Cut the sandwich diagonally into two equal pieces and serve.

About the School .,..

It was started in 1990 with just 3 students by Shirish Poojari.
Name Swami Brahmanand Prathisthan Center for persons with intellectual disablity
Address: 8A Artist Village. CBD, Belapur

Over the thirty years it has grown. We have 2 centers now..one at CBD with with 110 students and at Uran (at Raighat distict) we have 60 children. We are planning to built a residential unit for 25boys n 25 girls with full fledge sheltered workshops and vocational unit where children will lead a dignified life

Children at Swami Brahmanand Pratishthan are differently abled children with intellectual difficulties. They are trained individually in their skill according to their ability so that they contine to live a dignified life.

Contact Person to Order

Chaya Savant — +918108982244

This is one of my longest blog but the one which has revived every moment with these beautiful children as I pen down every single word !

Hope this Blog passes you the same positivity which we got

Be Happy & Thankful !!