Mango Pickle Recipe

Summer is here, the days have become hot but they have also become longer giving us more sunshine & longer hours. Today I will share Mango Pickle Recipe with you.

I know its very Hot in Mumbai in the Summer but somehow I have always loved Summer especially for its beautiful farm yield. The King of the Fruit.. our beloved Mango comes in this season & how we all love it. And the Indian Mango ( Alfonso, Pairi, Badami, Kesar, langda & so many more ) is incomparable to any Mango in the World I guarantee that !!

We usually start having Mangoes ( Alfonso & Pairi ) in the first week of April as they say that is the best time to start consuming mangoes when they have been fully ripened naturally. And once the Mango makes its entry, its only AamRas for us every day in our lunch.

But today I am going to share my Recipe of the Instant Mango Pickle which had a 💯 per cent yes on my Instastory!


Raw Mango Importance

Raw Mango or Kachchi Kairi maybe is not given as much importance as the Ripe ones but they have more benefits than the ripened mango. Used since centuries as a pickle which the lady of the house makes in quantity for the whole year or as a Delicious Aam Panna ( Recipe coming up ) this Raw mango has great health advantages. It is a natural electrolyte when had as a drink, prevents Sunstroke, is high on Vitamin C, does wonders for the sugar levels & above all helps in weight loss.

The Instant Raw Mango Pickle is so easy to make that it is actually a child’s play. If had in adequate quantity, it is great for health but we usually overeat pickles & then blame them but they were a saviour in the earlier times to mankind.

Instant Raw Mango Pickle Recipe


mango chops

Methiya Sambhar

Gujarati Methiya Sambhar 👆

Sr. NoIngredientQuantity
1Raw Mangoes chopped3
2Mustard oil1/2 Cup
3Sunflower oil1/2 Cup
4Split Mustard seeds or Rai na kuria2 tsp
5Split Fenugreek seeds or Methi1/2 Cup
6Red chili powder3 tsp
7asafoetida1 tsp
8Gujarat Methiya Sambhar(optional)half cup
9Fennel seeds1 tsp
10Nigella seeds1 tsp
11Saltfor taste


making mango pickle

  • Heat both the Mustard Oil & Sunflower oil separately till the oils start smoking
  • Allow the oils to cool
  • Take a little salt & half tsp turmeric powder & rub in the chopped raw mango
  • Keep aside for half an hour
  • Now drain out the water ( very necessary as we don’t want a watery pickle )
  • Mix in the cooled oils & the remaining ingredients ( I haven’t added the Fennel & Nigella seeds as I like it plain without any flavours )

Mango Pickle Recipe

The Instant Raw Mango Pickle is Ready

Store in an airtight container

Serve with Hot Phulkas or paratha in your meals or Relish with any snacks !!

Keep refrigerated if using for more than a day

I have used half cup Mustard oil & half cup Sunflower oil since its very hot in Mumbai to consume only Mustard Oil but if preferred you can use one cup of Mustard oil or one cup of only Sunflower oil !!

Have a Happy Summer !!

Be Happy & Thankful.

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