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The MANDALA Life!!! An Event with the Food Bloggers Association of India.

The Evening started off with an Adventurous trip taking us through the bylanes of Byculla to this Amazing Organic kitchen and An even more Amazing evening and Delectable Food Delicacies later on.

MANDALA – symbolic of a dream of Completeness of A TRANCE that’s what we experienced at this Brilliant dinner which was almost all Organic.

Organic also means Guilt-free, Healthy. So we could Gorge on this Delicious meal which was full of Awesomeness.

Mandala was created with the thought that people should be pulled towards their grassroots, traditions. A secret place that nourishes your vitality through healthy organic food At Mandala they have a deep-rooted respect for the environment and this faith is reflected in their business practices.


They grow their produce at home or source it locally. every ingredient used is grown ecologically. every dish they serve is in gratitude towards the people who grow the produce.. What a lovely thought.

The seeds of Mandala were planted due to a passion for conscious eating, the combination led to the birth of a Brand that offers only quality fresh and Earthy cuisine.. their Menus are carefully crafted every season to constantly focus only on fresh Ethical produce brought in from the local farmers market.


On this note, I would like to mention the presence of Ms. Kavita Mukhi who gave us such an Informative knowledge about the local organic food that is now available in the Farmers market and also all the benefits of having organic food. the Discussion was a Pleasure indeed.

Ms. Kavita Mukhi

Now for the FOODGASM that was Curated by the MASTER himself …Chef Davide Canazi for this Evening..

There was A Savory Spread of Salads, Main Course, Desserts like—


The Honey Balsamic Arugula— fresh oranges mixed with dried Cranberry and feta coated with Sesame melon sunflower seeds and roasted Walnuts dressed in Honey Balsamic …the honey collected is from a natural beehive and has no pesticides!!

Honey Balsamic Arugula

Kale, strawberry and avocado salad… Kale, chopped avocado and thinly sliced strawberries mixed together with almonds and feta cheese tossed with a lemon poppy seed dressing…


The Cooked Lentil TABBOULEH—- Sprouts, kidney beans, buckwheat, chickpeas with added chopped tomatoes, spring onions, Kale, red and yellow bell pepper garnished with parsley Basil lemon, garlic vinaigrette, and extra virgin oil.. Buckwheat is one of the healthiest naughtiest, most versatile whole grains… completely Gluten free. Awesome!!

Honey Vanilla KEFIR— NATURAL HONEY vanilla Kefir is double the fun and double the punch… the vitamin and mineral properties of the Honey and Vanilla get enhanced on fermentation … Simply love this!!

MO energy drink

Sri Lankan Rice… paneer, roasted potatoes, spinach, french beans and cucumber In a Sri Lankan curry with lemon mustard flavored brown rice.


The Korean BIBIMBAP— stir-fried mushrooms, Bean sprouts, radish, paneer, spinach, zucchini and carrots in a Bibimbap sauce with Sesame infused brown rice …the name BIBIMBAP— sounds like a Jazz vocalist improvising in the middle of a tune …BIBIMBAP— the quintessential Korean Meal in a bowl is one of the most fun dishes in world cuisine. Awesomeness!!!


Sweet potato and green rice Burrito bowl.. green rice, spicy sweet potato cubes and Mexican beans served with a side of Chunky Guacamole and Corn Salsa.

Sweet potato and green rice Burrito bowl

Wildforest Bowl…Black rice served with chickpea, shitake mushrooms, Kale in coconut curry.

Mango Palm sugar KEFIR— the addition of mango and Palm sugar to the natural Honey vanilla Kefir gets more interesting…

Mango Palm sugar KEFIR

Granola and Mango Parfait– Mango Kefir, granola topped with fresh mangoes.

The CHOCOLATEY Walnut Brownie… flourless brownie with roasted caramelized Walnuts and gluten-free….this was just DESSERTPORN!!!!



BOMBUCHA — A Fermented Tea with loads of Health benefits…known as Kombucha … Was Exceptional..

The Chef also demonstrated making of the SUSHI ROLL.. which was just great when Eaten.


The Gift hamper consisting of Homemade Ketchup, Onion Jam, Peanut butter & Pink Salt is Tantalising.

This was a Wonderful evening with the Mandala life and the Food Bloggers Association of India wherein We experienced Real Organic Food TRANCE!!!!

mandala vegetables

mandala vegetables


Food dish

Mandala homemade products



Group of Food Bloggers


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