Luscious Lychees & Grapes Margherita

Luscious Lychees & Grapes Margherita !! A Mother’s Day Special

Recipe of Luscious Lychees & Grapes Margherita

Happy Mother’s Day…
A Day to Celebrate the most important Human Being in our lives who has not only given birth to Us but moulded us to be the Individuals we are.

Shital Kakad with my Mother - Mothers Day Special

My Mother has been my First best friend with whom I can share everything … In fact, even when I was a teenager my Mother was the first one to know when my now Hubby had proposed to me when I was just eighteen !!
I also owe my Cooking Skills to my Mother as she taught me not only the basics but also how to cook with “Andaj” & not only go blindly by the book.. which has helped me immeasurably in my food journey.


Lychees are a great source of Vitamin C, is an excellent source of magnesium & helps in the formation of Red Blood Cells. It contains a good amount of fibre & boosts the metabolism thereby great for weight loss.


Grapes are also known to have several Health benefits ..they have a high amount of Vitamin C & K, are an excellent antioxidant, protects against heart disease & helps lower the blood pressure.

 Luscious Lychees & Grapes Margherita

So here’s a Recipe of Luscious Lychees & Grapes Margherita for Mother’s Day

Ingredients —


  1. 8 fresh Lychees
  2. Around 15 grapes
  3. Crushed Ice
  4. A pinch of Pink Salt
  5. 1 tsp sugar ( optional )
  6. 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  7. Pink salt & lemon to Garnish

 Luscious Lychees & Grapes Margherita preparation


 Luscious Lychees & Grapes Margherita

Method —

Blend the Lychees, Grapes, Ice, Lemon Juice, Salt & Sugar
Take a Glass, dip the rim in lemon juice & then in pink salt to give a Margherita touch
Pour the Cooler in the Glass & Serve !!

 Luscious Lychees & Grapes Margherita

My Mother loves this, hope yours will too !!

You can even decrease or increase the number of Fruits taken as per your preference, add more sugar or omit it completely, same with ice… You can omit the ice & simply serve it chilled.

Again wishing you A Very Happy Mother’s Day!

Be Happy & Thankful

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