Kokum Solkadhi Recipe

Hope all of you are safe at home & keeping healthy in this Covid19 !!
Staying Healthy & keeping the immune system strong is the only weapon we have against this virus !!I usually make Kokum Coconut Cooler / Kokum Solkadhi recipe during summer to beat the extreme heat & this is also a great way to hydrate yourself.
When I posted the picture of this drink on my Instagram, I got a lot of people asking me for the Recipe.
So I am just quickly penning down this recipe.
Kokum is one of the most underrated Indian Superfood but is full of Nutrition & Medicinal properties
Widely used in most Indian states, Kokum is very easily available but the one used in this recipe are the dry kokum & not the fresh fruit.
Usually available at the local grocery store, ask them for the Goa Soft Kokum & not the hard dry ones which are known as the Lonavla Kokum.

Kokum Solkadhi recipe also uses fresh Coconut milk which is also highly beneficial in summer.

Here’s the Kokum Solkhadhi Recipe

Ingredients for Kokum Solkadhi Recipe

  • Half cup Kokum
  • 1 cup water
  • Half cup Coconut milk ( thick )
  • 2 tsp sugar ( optional )
  • Half tsp Cumin seeds powder / Jeera powder
  • Half tsp Pink salt / normal salt
  • Few Mint leaves to garnish

Method for Kokum Solkadhi Recipe

  • Boil the kokum in one cup of water
  • Keep aside to cool
  • Blend it well & then strain
  • In a mixture jar, add the strained kokum, Coconut milk, sugar, salt, jeera powder & blend everything well
  • Serve Chilled
  • Garnish with fresh mint leaves

Kokum solkhadhi is ready to serve and is also the best drink for the Covid-19 to boost immunity. 

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