Kantola Recipe

A Rainy season vegetable; KANTOLA is also known as spiny gourd or Teasel Gourd is a veggie which is loved by most for its unique taste & flavour. Kantola Recipe is very healthy good for your body.


  1. Kantola in Gujarati
  2. Kikoda in Rajasthan
  3. Kakrol in Bengali
  4. Kantol in Marathi
  5. Kankrol, Kankoda, Kartula, Kakode, Kartoli, Katol ….

These are some of the many names of this tiny humble vegetable in different Indian languages.
But may it be known by any name, my research on social media for Kantola gave me one answer. It is prepared mostly in minimal masala & oil to retain its bittersweet taste while some also stuff them & cook.
Kantola is very good for diabetics, great for digestion & is highly rich in fibre as also helps in fighting the common cold & flu which generally occurs during monsoons.

Just proves how true it is to “Eat Seasonal & local” to keep healthy and fit!
I remember how as a kid I would hate eating Kantola but the image of my Dadi & Mom making crispy Kantola nu Shaak & my Dad as well my Aunts & Uncles gorging on this stayed in my mind.

Now, at this stage, I too understand why they gorged on this small bomb of a vegetable called Kantola!
I now prepare Kantola nu Shaak in the same way & my Hubby gorges on this vegetable with Piping Hot Phulkas & Gujarati Kadhi.

So here’s the Kantola Recipe 


  1. 400 gms Kantola / spiny gourd
  2. 3 tbsp oil
  3. 1 tsp mustard seeds
  4. 1 tsp Methiya sambhar Masala / Pickle Masala
  5. 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
  6. 1/4 tsp asafoetida
  7. 1 tsp red chilli powder ( can add more )
  8. 1 tsp dhana jeera powder ( coriander cumin )
  9. Salt to taste
  10. Fresh coriander leaves to garnish


  1. Wash & slice the Kantola into roundels.
  2. Heat oil in a pan.
  3. Add the mustard seeds & allow to splutter.
  4. Add the asafoetida.
  5. Then add the turmeric, chilli, pickle, dhana jeera powders & salt.
  6. Add in 2 tsp of water so that the masalas don’t burn.
  7. Now add in the sliced Kantola & cook on a medium flame without a lid.
  8. Keep stirring in between.
  9. Cook till the Kantola is crispy & well done.
  10. Serve hot garnished with fresh coriander leaves !!

Now I am also posting some of the recipes which were so wonderfully shared with me on a Q&A I had on social media for my favourite Kantola!

Kantola Sabzi Recipe

Kantola Recipe by Anil Jundia

  1. Heat oil + add cumin n rai.
  2. Add garlic finely chopped.
  3. Saute.
  4. Add chopped onion + green chili.
  5. Saute.
  6. Add sliced kikoda.
  7. Saute some time.
  8. Add dry spice chilli + turmeric + coriander + salt.
  9. Cook some time.
  10. Add dry mango powder.
  11. Cook some time.
  12. Ready to eat.

Kantola Recipe by Rajan Bedi

Wash,pat dry, slice roundals, mustard oil fry them, garnish with salt, serve as an accompaniment with fish/ rice and dal.

Kantola Recipe by Shomasree Dey

Cut into small size like French fries and fry it with slices of onions and green chilli, add khus khus paste in the end and cook for a while. Kakrol paturi is ready

Kantola recipe

Kantola Recipe by Sweta Mohanty

Thinly sliced with onions and tomatoes and green chillies and a maggi masala

Kantola Recipe by Mithila Vaidya —

Very simple way, make the usual tadka with oil+mustard+turmeric+hing.

Add chopped slices of Kartula.

Add little water.


Kantola Recipe by Piyali Guha

Kakrol in Bengali.
Kakrol pur is my all-time favourite with the big kakrol. if u get them here in Mumbai. One generally gets the small variety here, wherein in Bengal we get the big ones.
For Kakrol pur

  1. First, shave the kakrol of its spikes.
  2. Steam it a bit.
  3. Cut it into two halves vertically.
  4. Scoop the centre.
  5. Make a sorshe ( yellow mustard) green chillies and phosto paste.
  6. Fill each kakrol halves with the this thick Shorshe -poshto paste. (add salt to taste)
  7. Now make a besan and rice flour batter with kalonji, salt, red chilli powder and haldi.
  8. Dip the poshto-shorshe stuffed kakrol into the batter and deep fry..
  9. Enjoy this with hot steamed rice….u burst the fried kakrol and eat the rice with the postho bata inside….heaven😍

Lopa Kanungo says Kantola is called Kankrol in Bengali & she makes it as a crisp fry with Haldi, Mirch & salt to accompany Dal & rice or use it in Rui Maacher Jhol.

Gangashakti says she fries Kantola or Kareli with spices & mustard oil & serves with fresh warm roti !!
As we can see there are innumerable ways in which we can cook this tiny spiny vegetable called Kantola or Kankrol or Kikoda or Spiny Gourd.
This was an absolutely fascinating & learning blog for me too!

Kantola recipe by Indrani Sen

We call it kakrol. we stuff it with mustard ,coconut and green chilies and deep fry

Check out Full Recipe

Kantola Recipe by Jyoti Vora

  1. Wash kantola properly.
  2. cut and rub it with salt.
  3. leave for 10 mins.
  4. dont discard salt water.
  5. rubbing salt will help you to remove hard seeds from it.
  6. the with salted water cook as a regular dry sabji.
  7. just add pinch of haldi and 2 to 3 sp of sugar and let it cook.
  8. when it is half cooked.
  9. add 3 to 4 tbsp of milk and let it cook further.
  10. when milk is dried up and sabji is well cooked, add red chilli powder and dhania jeera powder.. done! 😊

Roopa Nabar says

Stir fry with onion soak Channa dal, coconut and powder spices.

Namrata Khona says it’s called Tendi in Kutchi

make it in different ways.

cut in long strips too also make it with coconut or with peanut crush or just a simple tadka.

Neeta Sukhthankar says it’s called Kantola in Marathi.

Tastes great fried crisp. Batter fried kantola !!!

Monali Shah says Kantola Bhajiya tastes Delicious & she loves to make these

A special thankKantolas to all the members of the fantastic Facebook group for all their inputs
Stay Safe Stay Healthy!

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Be Happy & Thankful…


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