Jowar Ni Khichadi

JOWAR…BAJRI.. SAMO or Moriyo or Barnyard Millet.. Jau, Sattu or Barley ..Kuttu … Lapsi or Bulgur Wheat… Ragi..Nachni

These are the names of all our Grains that are so Indian & also not so popular today as the more hyped Quinoa or Oats !!

But these are the grains that most of our forefathers ate & our Great Grandmothers cooked into some really Delicious Dishes. I love cooking with these grains even today as i have always seen my Mom cooking some great dishes with these.

This is a very Authentic dish which i have seen my Mom prepare since i was a kid & i would call it the Gujarati Rissoto when I started cooking & learning more about Italian food. That’s because when Suran or the Elephant Yam is cooked, it imparts such a creamy texture that it reminds me of the Italian Rissoto.


This is a very Healthy & Nutritious Khichdi along with being totally Delicious. Jowar or Sorghum is highly beneficial & has a lot of health benefits, is great for the digestive system & adds natural fibre to the food which is so lacking in today’s food. Suran or Elephant Yam is a root vegetable again highly nutritious & healthy for the gut.

Eating local food & cooking with Indian grains & seasonal vegetables is my passion since I have always seen my Grandmoms & My Mom cook with these in a very Authentic Gujarati way.





mixture for suran ni khichadi

Ingredients for Suran ni khichdi

  1. 1 cup Jowar or Sorghum soaked overnight
  2. Half cup Green Mung / Gram soaked for 1 hour
  3. Half kg Suran or Elephant Yam cut into big cubes
  4. 3 tbsp Ghee / Clarified butter
  5. Half tsp aesofoetida
  6. 1 teaspoon ajwain / carom seeds
  7. 3 tbsp chopped fresh green garlic ( if you don’t get green garlic, substitute with garlic & fresh coriander leaves )
  8. 3 to 4 slit green chillies
  9. Salt to taste


Add the soaked jowar/ Sorghum & green mung / gram in a pressure cooker vessel.

Then add the suran / elephant yam pieces & salt to taste.

Now add 4 cups of water.

Heat Ghee in a small pan.

Add the ajwain, aesofoetida, green chillies & let it crackle.

Add the sizzling ghee mixture to the jowar , mung & suran mixture.

Pressure Cook for about 3 whistles or Cook by putting a lid on for about 30 minutes.

Check whether the jowar / Sorghum is cooked well or cook for some time more.

Stir fry the green garlic in a little ghee.

Garnish the Khichdi with the Green Garlic.

The Delicious JOWAR SURAN NI KHICHDI is ready.

You will love the creaminess that the suran imparts to this Khichdi & makes it so rich !!

Serve Hot with Homemade curd sprinkled with salt & chilli powder

I have shared one of my Favourite Family Recipe with you for the #IndianGrainsMonth & hope you enjoy making it as much as I do !!



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