JINI IN MY DOSA !!! Mumbai’s Famous Jini Dosa made Healthy…

FOOD WALK with my Food blogger friends sounded so interesting that when the plan was made, all 5 of us agreed instantly….

Mumbai has some really famous street food which is one of the best in the world, it has inapted from so many cultures, not only from India but from across the World that it is Boggling to me as to how this has happened & that too when there was no internet…This will fascinate Me always !!!

Coming back to Our Food Walk, we decided to explore the KHAU GALI in Vile Parle …a suburb in Mumbai… which is now famous as the BAJAJ ROAD … ( KHAU GALI means a food street )


Chinese Pakodas

Chinese Bhel

We met at Macdonald’s & went on our spree ahead…. Not far away is A1 SHREE KRISHNA FRANKIE CENTER which has been flourishing since the last 30 years !!! Amazing, isn’t it ???

Although known as a Frankie place, they have the Most Delicious DABELI which is a famous dish from KUTCH….Their INDO CHINESE Szechuan Pakodas & Bhel had me licking my fingers literally… & I am such a Sucker for the Mumbai Style Indo Chinese…

Then We had some Hot Ginger Cardamom Tea, which was a small roadside shed but had such a Flavourful Chai as We call it… Again I need really good tea so take my word for it….

The Famous Jini Dosa

As We moved Forward we went to the SAI SAMARTH DOSA WALA who was a little furried up coz of the BMC guys 😃😃…. But eventually He gave us some great Dosas & I especially loved the JINI DOSA which is a must have when in Mumbai… I am going to share my Recipe of this Famous Jini Dosa which I have made a little Healthy but no less Delicious…

He had some Fancy names for his Dosas ….. JANAK JANAK PAYAL BAJE was one of them.. hahaha.. I dared not ask him what it meant but it is the name of a very famous Old Bollywood movie…

By this time we were all dying of thirst so we had some FRESHLY SQUEEZED SUGARCANE JUICE…. And Heaven it was to the Throat indeed…

Just a little further was the GOPAL KRISHNA BHELPURI CENTER who had all the famous Mumbai Chaats like Bhel, Sevpuri, Pani Puri , Ragda Pattice….Here We had the Sev Puri which was a little Spicy for my taste…

To Mar the Spiciness we had the Famous FRESH FRUIT ICE-CREAM from APSARA which has around 30 Outlets in Mumbai…. They have some Amazing Flavours…. especially loved their ROMANTIC ROSE & SPICY GUAVA which has some Chatpatta Chilli powder sprinkled on top…. Again a Must Have in Mumbai if you like these Traditional Flavours…

Lastly We had some great roadside eats like tamarind, starfruit, raw mango, ber … Which actually took me back to my school days …

So This was Our First FOOD WALK in Mumbai but not the last so wait for More Interesting Walks coming up….. Watch All the Fun We had in my YouTube video… link here….https://youtu.be/Qi8WrnUVCh8

So Now for the Recipe of My Healthy but equally Delicious JINI DOSA…


1 cup yellow lentils / moong Daal

1 cup chopped cabbage

1 cup chopped tomatoes

1 cup chopped capsicum / green pepper

1 cup chopped onions

3 tablespoon Garlic paste

3 tablespoon red Chillies paste ( soak in warm water & then grind )

3 tablespoon tomato ketchup

Pav bhaji powder ( substitute with cumin seeds powder if not available )

Chopped fresh coriander leaves

Salt to taste


Soak the Moong Daal in hot water for 1 hour

Grind the Dal very finely in the mixer after an hour

Add a little salt & sugar to the batter & stir very well

Heat a Dosa Pan / Non stick pan

Pierce half a onion with a fork & rub on the hot pan

Take a ladleful of the batter & spread onto the pan, you have to be really quick

Increase the flame of the gas to medium so that the Dosa can cook well

Spread a little Melted Ghee or Butter around the Cooking Dosa

When half done, add some chopped onions, tomatoes, cabbage, capsicum, Garlic & Chilli paste, ketchup, salt, Pav bhaji powder & mix

Now cover this veggie mix with a lid & let it cook

After 2 minutes, remove the lid & mash the veggie mix lightly, add cheese if you want

Once the Dosa is cooked & crisp , roll it & cut into pieces

Serve Hot with Coconut Chutney or Relish it just plain!!!!!

This is an Awesome Snack to be served to your family, kids especially drool on this as they usually love Dosas & that too with a Schezuan touch…… You have won them Hands down…

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