Jalebis Making

A Day so special for all of us Indians when the sister eagerly waits to tie a Rakhi to her brother’s wrist & the brother waits as equally for this. An Unknown, Unfathomed Bond is born on this day that we can’t put in words.

A Rakhi is just but a simple thread but it binds the brother sister in a unbreakable bond. Yes, we all have squabbles when we are younger, sometimes even indeferences when we grow up but the love remains strong as ever & maybe this Humble thread binds us forever.

I always look forward to RakshaBandhan as I love the whole thing of tying a Rakhi, putting a Tikka, giving something sweet to eat to each other. Its not that there would be no love if there was no RakshaBandhan but it just is so very traditional & Indian & I am a die hard fan of both. So for me i actually love all the Festivals that we Indians Celebrate with so much Pomp & Pleasure.

My younger brother has been my Guinea pig since I don’t even remember when. He is been so particular about his taste in food ( like a pure Gujarati is ) that he will instantly tell me how the food is made, good or bad without mincing any words, & till today he is the same haha 💛

He loves very few Indian sweets but JALEBIS have been our favourite since childhood. I remember when my parents would get Jalebi Ganthiya from Modern Sweets which was a very famous Farsan House in Santacruz Mumbai then. We would have a Delicious breakfast of this on Sunday mornings sometime watching Doordarshan which was the only channel for us in those days for us.


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