It Happened In New York Restaurant

My tastebuds take me in search of new places n that’s how I found myself at this new place in Bandra, to tell you the truth the name sounded so interesting that I hoped the ambience n food would be equally interesting and I wasn’t at all disappointed.

Chef Sanyo Vaz has done a great job with all his dishes which are so unique yet so delicious. the bagels served when u are seated are perfect to start your meal, I had the veggie grill with cauliflower couscous which was just splendid especially the couscous.

The New York Bhel excelled with its combination of granola, cranberries mixed up in a spicy way.

But the Jack Daniel chocolate mousse stole the show with its smooth texture n was so chocolaty but yet not bitter, that’s a must-have if you are a chocolate lover.

I couldn’t taste a lot but their Popcorn, nachos, burgers and pasta looked tempting enough to drag me there again.

So do try out this place and it has a lot of delicious variety for our nonvegetarians too!

They have an open air area which is just so perfect for this season to enjoy your meals, so go ahead n have fun!

It Happened In New York Restaurant

Dinner time

dish from it happen in new york

dish from it happen in newyork




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