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Chai or Tea. For Me has been a poison that I need to have in every season in India or out of India. And this is where the thought of starting my Chai Shai Aur Baatein group was born & thanks to all my foodie friends, it turned out to be something much more than I had ever imagined. So we are going to hopefully meet every month & have conversations around Chai & the related topics and also check out the best recipes of the Superfood that will be chosen at every meeting. Today I will shared Rajgira Recipes with you.


Chai Shai aur baate with Shital Kakad

We also have a theme every meet as well as an Indian Superfood which may not be as well-known as the Global Superfoods but the idea is to get these Superfoods out of the Cupboard or should I say Pantry & make more dishes using them. These Indian superfoods are not only much lesser in cost but also so delicious & healthy along with being local & seasonal !!

with Chef Amitesh Virdi

In this event we had the Honour of the Young Dynamic Chef Amitesh Virdi from the famous Punjab Grill Restaurant gracing us.( watch the video link below )

Here is the list of best rajgira recipes of all time.

He gave some brilliant Insights & Inputs on Cooking & some great Tips as well as demonstrated two Delicious Indian Recipes :

Shakarkand ki Chaat

Shakarkand ki Chaat

Karela Appetizer

Karela Appetizer

With India’s Favourite Navratri Festival going on, my Superfood had to be Rajgira or Amaranth. Most of us use this during fasting without knowing the benefits of this underrated Ingredient.

It is absolutely Gluten-free, is loaded with calcium & is great for the digestion as also for increasing your immunity.

So, we had some Amazing Rajgira Recipes curated & cooked by all the beautiful Women who came attired in lovely Colourful Indian Attire bringing all the awesome Rajgira dishes that they had cooked.

Watch the Video

Since we wanted to share some Rajgira / Amaranth Recipes other than the fasting ones that you find everywhere, here’s a Delicious Healthy collection of Rajgira Recipes that I am sharing with you.

Kasha by Anjali Bhargava


The Lovely Ever Smiling Anjali shared a Delicious Healthy Porridge Recipe called Kasha which is a Porridge made in Central Europe with Buckwheat or millets but she brilliantly made it with Rajgira.

Recipe —-

  • Take about 50 gms of Rajgira granules .Wash it properly in a strainer and drain the water.
  • Use about 1 small glass of water and cook it a pressure cooker to soften the granules ..( Say for about 15 mns).
  • Then in a pan boil about 500 ml of milk and keep boiling it for about 15-20 mns and then add the cooked Rajgira granules..add a spoon of ghee for the flavour and also to richen it a bit.Add about 3-4 tbsps of sugar.
  • Once the mix thickens.Switch off the gas .Add to it saffron soaked in warm milk, lil cardomom powder. Garnish with chopped nuts. It is one of the best recipes of all time.

Dal Pakwan by Pushpa Moorjani

Dal Pakwan

The Charming Multitalented Pushpa made the Authentic Sindhi Dish “Dal Pakwan” with the most delicious Crispy mini Pakwan & the Mouthwatering Dal & also gave us a fabulous blog!;

Recipe —

Chai Shai Aur Batein –Super Food- Rajgira

Patisapta by Moumita

The lovely Bong Moumita has given a Healthy Twist to famous Bengali Festive Dessert Patisapta !!



Rajgira Cake by Payal Talwar

Rajgira Cake

As the Pretty Payal calls this the “Giri Raj” of all Cakes, this Melt in the mouth, Rajgira cake is just amazing & you can also have it during fasting.

Recipe —

Amaranth Cheese Patty by Binal Bed

Amaranth Cheese Patty

The Vivacious Binal made these Delicious Pattys which are an absolute delight to have as a snack for the kids or also as an appetizer. It is one of the Best recipes of all time.

Recipe  for Amaranth cheese patty:

Sr. NoIngredientsQuantity
1Cooked Amaranth1 Cup
2Popped Amaranth1/2 Cup
3Amaranth Flour2 tbs
4SaltFor Taste
5Boiled Potato2
6Chopped Green Chillies2
7Cheese CubesOptional

Take equal quantity of water to grain and Cook the amaranth in a pan and not in a cooker( very imp)

The texture of the cooked amaranth should be nice and fluffy and semi-dry.

Let it cool
In a bowl mix everything except the cheese and popped amaranth and mash it till all combines homogeneously. The mixture should be able to form a ball.

If the mixture is still moist add a Tbs of amaranth flour and half potato.

Not form balls and stuff in a cube of cheese and flatten it gently by pressing between two palms.

Now dunk the patty in puffed amaranth till
Coates completely.
Line a baking tray or a simple flat dish with grease or off paper and arrange all the patty’s. Freeze it for atleast half an hour.

When the patty looks like it’s cold and holding its shape, shallow fry it in oil.

Serve with your favourite chutney. It is also one of the best recipes of all time.

Rajgira Ragi Dosa by Aruna Shetty

Rajgira Ragi Dosa

The Attractive Aruna has shared her yummy Healthy Recipe of the most loved Indian Dosa made by using Rajgira & Ragi which is such a great healthy combination.

Recipe —

  • 1/2 cup rajgira powder+1/2 cup ragi powder +lil salt + 1 chopped onion + lil bit of tumeric + lil jeera n corriander powder + 1 cup of water
  • Mix well , with a paddle spread on d dosa tawa
  • If u want a lil soft ones remove dem as soon as d color of d batter changes
  • If u want dem Krisp leave a lil longer on d tawa

These are some Awesome and best Recipes of all timeshare by all these wonderful Home Chefs at my #ChaiShaiAurBaatein event using our Indian Superfood Rajgira

My Recipes using Rajgira different ways coming soon !!

Hope you enjoyed watching us as well as all the Recipes shared !!

shital kakad

Wait for our next #ChaiShaiAurBaatein coming up in November with another Indian Superfood & an equally interesting Theme !!

Happy Navratri 🙏

Be Happy & Thankful


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