Highly configured hardware and updated software create a new revolution in the gaming industry. Those are the days when gaming is restricted to physical activities but in today’s cutting-edge technology, kids prefer online gaming over traditional games. Compared to the previous year, the popularity of online gaming has increased by 20% percent. That’s huge.

Impact of Online Gaming

  • The demand for Computers increase

Fast network connectivity, affordable internet plans are some of the primary reasons behind the increasing use of desktops and laptops but the popularity of online gaming is also a big reason behind it. According to the world-leading and popular computer manufacturer HP report, demand for highly configured gaming devices has increased dramatically over a period of time.

  • Better gaming experience

Gamers generally use smartphones to play games but now they are turning to desktops, laptops, and big-screen TVs for a better experience. High graphics experience, amazing sound quality, big screen, and easy to control; desktops have become the first choice of gamers now. Plays.org is one of the amazing platforms to experience online gaming.

  • Increase in revenue

According to the report, online gaming revenue increased by 10% compared to the previous year. Last year the revenue was Rs.6500 crores now it reached the Rs.7700 crores figure. Continuous growth in revenue is predicted in the upcoming year as well. By the year 2023, the figure may touch the Rs.15500 crores magic figure.

Pros of online gaming

Although online gaming is a medium of entertainment, with the proper gaming selection children can develop creativity and improve strategic thinking. Gaming is a decent sort of mental exercise that fast up the thinking process.

Studies reveal that certain categories of games help children to improve their learning skills at an early stage. Games like Virtual Xylophone are useful for primary school kids and a great way to engage the child in learning.

Games that require strategic planning, fast-thinking, and problem-solving skills help to enhance memory and brain speed. Regular playing of these games improves children’s memory and helps to make the brain’s thinking process quicker.

Games that include teamwork, more attention, and quick reaction help to improve the multi-tasking skill among the kids. Playing these kinds of games helps children to improve their multitasking skills.

Multiplayer games allow children to take a number of roles and allow them to manage the team. These kinds of games promote teamwork, leadership among children and build their confidence.

Schools are now taking the help of games to engage the kids in educational activities. This unique approach of learning helps children to see education as an interesting option and encourages them to grasp the complex topic in a faster and deeper way.

It’s a debated topic whether online gaming is good or bad? But everything is good if it is limited. The same approach is applicable to online gaming as well. If effectively used then it can be a most effective learning platform for children. Gaming is fun and a good way to spend time and develop skills like teamwork.

Cons of Online Gaming

Although online platforms are a great way to learn and stay connected with the world, many people all over the world try to take advantage of users. Cyberbullying is one of the ways that fraudsters use to steal information by diverting user attention from the game.

Online gaming in the absence of adults can be dangerous and may distract kids down the wrong path. It is necessary to use the parental control feature to stay away from bad habits.


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