A story of Icecream Man

Today I would like to share with you my ICECREAM Man who’s been selling ice cream for the past 22yrs, Awesome ain’t it? We get bored doing the same thing even for a week so there must be some dedication to his work that he’s been doing it for so many years

He is always there at the same place on Carter Road in Bandra Mumbai from 8 pm onwards till midnight selling his ice cream with a smile and talking to one and all

His name is Rajdev Prasadji; he has a Walls ice cream cart which he has been cycling since past many years and the best part HE ENJOYS HIS WORK!

So let’s SALUTE him n many more people like him who are a part of our daily lives but totally forgotten, these are the people who smilingly serve us n i will try to capture more people like him who serve us so graciously

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