Hummus Recipe

Winter Recipes… I go on and on posting about my Winter favourites and today I am adding a twist to the famous Hummus Recipe.

Green Garlic is a Fav with Most Indians & Hummus – a Lebanese Dish is loved Worldwide..Made with Chickpeas this is a Very Healthy & Delicious Dish loved globally.

Hummus has been given a lot of Twists so I also thought of giving it an Indian twist with our famous GREEN GARLIC and Bajri / Millet … Instead of pita we will use Bajri Roti which adds to the Health & Flavour.

This dish is full of Health as it has Chickpeas which by itself is a vegetarians protein delight, Green Garlic which is again full of nutrients and Bajri/ Millet which is a superfood by itself…..

So let’s get started with this super Hummus Recipe.


  1. Three fourth cup white sesame paste / Tahini paste
  2. Half cup thick yoghurt
  3. A bunch of green garlic
  4. Salt to taste
  5. Chili powder & Extra Virgin olive oil to garnish

Method —

  1. Grind the Chickpeas into a paste, I like it a little coarse
  2. Chop the white & green part of the green garlic separately
  3. Make a paste of the white portion of the green garlic
  4. Mix the Chickpea paste, sesame paste, yoghurt, white paste of the green garlic, salt well with a whisk..
    Remove in a bowl and chill for some time…we don’t need cold just a little chilled

Bajri / Millet Roti–

  1. Take one cup Bajri / Millet flour, add water, salt and make a dough out of this
  2. Make small balls of this dough
  3. Roll it out into thick circles
  4. Cook on a tava or non stick pan on both the sides still brown spots appear & it is Cooked well
  5. Cool and cut into 2 or 4 pieces as preferred

Assembling —

Hummus Recipe

  1. Remove the cooled Hummus into a nice decorative plate.
  2. Spread the Extra Virgin olive oil all over
  3. Sprinkle the Red Chilli powder
  4. Garnish with green garlic.
  5. Serve with the Bajri Roti
  6. A Unique Flavourful Dish is ready to be served to your Loved ones…

This is a great way to make your Children eat Healthy & Delicious…I have used Bajri here but you can substitute it with even Ragi or Jowar / Sorghum

Hope you Enjoy this Twist of Moi !!!

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