Health Menu From Smokehouse Deli

Hii folks,  Festival time is over and we are all in the guilt zone of having binged on sweets and loaded dishes but you cannot eat out for a very long time.

So here’s an excellent option if you want to go out with your BFFs or that matter anyone else and eat without guilt.

SMOKEHOUSE DELI has introduced it’s health menu which is brilliant and so true to its word.

Amazing dishes by Chef Glyston like kale and millet soup, tomato polento with truffle scented vegetables, jowar fettuccine with tomato braised vegetables, chilli sago with curried vegetables, SHD upma with grilled vegetables n greens are all super for a good binge without guilt.

They also have delicious desserts n my personal fav is the spirulina pudding with basil seeds which is something i haven’t had ever before!

The café ambience is very pleasant n the service is very prompt n courteous.

They are soon also coming up with a healthy juices n smoothies menu too.

A Great Guiltfree experience post diwali made me a happier person so why don’t u people try n share your experiences.


Smokehouse Deli

Smokehouse Deli

Smokehouse Deli

Smokehouse Deli

Smokehouse Deli


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