Women’s Day 2019

“Home is where the Heart is”

Remembering this on Women’s Day today …A saying which is almost 2000 years old & so true for our Humble Homemaker who unselfishly devote their Time to making their Home into a Happy Place !!

These are the Women to whom their Husbands smile & children’s laughter matter more than anything in the world. They devote their time to get that Simple Love in the family, cooking the family’s favorite food or making the kids study, looking after the In-laws ( yes, we still have joint families in India ) & generally making their Home into a Beautiful place.

Today these very Women are also multitasking & juggling with so many new options available to them in the professional field but the one thing that never takes a backseat is the love for their Home.

They will take up jobs, pursue their ambitions but forever are monitoring what is happening back Home.

There are some Amazing Homemakers who have lost their partner at a very early age or are divorced but with sheer determination & pride have not let their Homes break; in fact, these are the Women who have fought their way through to bring up such Disciplined & Well mannered Children that is really amazing. Some of them have had financial issues, some Family issues but they have struggled & immerged Winners Smilingly. Aren’t these the Wonder Women ??

Women in India have always been working or multitasking through the ages ( the sabjiwalis, the Cooks, the ayahs, the Nannies, the women in the banking & corporate sector & so many more ) but they have never asked anything in return; the Happiness of their families is the biggest reward for them …” Mom, I loved what you cooked today or I love the Tiffin my wife makes for me ” is something that can bring loads of happiness to her. Maybe that’s where “Maa ke Haath ka Khana ” & such sayings have originated !!

What is it that makes these Homemakers so Happy? They don’t get any material gain at all but they are the ones who are the Joining Thread of a Happy Family.

On Women’s Day… I hope in this ever Running World of Ambitions & Obsessions, this Simple Happy Homemaker does not get lost as all of us have HER in us & that is a beautiful quality of a Woman to spread Love & Peace not only in her family but also across Borders & Countries!

Today on Women’s Day let’s all Celebrate this Beautiful Homemaker within us & spread Happiness all around to forward it to our Future Generations …

Wishing All of you A Very Happy Women’s Day !!

Be Happy & Thankful

Women's Day

PS — I really don’t know fancy words or very high vocabulary so this is just a simple blog I have written on Women’s Day to express an Emotion which is very dear to me as I am first a Homemaker & then all else which is equally important to Me!


Richa · March 8, 2021 at 12:07 am

So beautifully written straight from the ❤️❤️

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    admin · March 25, 2021 at 8:36 pm

    Thanks so much

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