I have been sharing Winter Recipes with you and when you say winter ..that too in India then how can the GUNDAR NA LADVA or GOND LADDU be left Behind.. a Delicacy loved by most of us.. so Nutritious and Healthy as well as Delicious… it is one recipe that is made by most Indian households in winter…

Preparing GOND LADDU in winter is a tradition followed by many Indian households and they also gift these laddoos to each other on special occasions….

Made in almost all parts of India, they are known as Gond ke laddu in Hindi, Dinkache ladoo in Marathi and Gundar na ladva in Gujarati which I am posting about….

GUNDAR NA LADVA have various Health benefits especially for women …it strengthens the bones, Promotes stamina ,keeps you Healthy and fit and is a wholesome food for the Winters… If you are feeling constantly tired and lack energy this is the food for you… It is the perfect food for nursing mothers and post pregnancy…

Here’s my recipe for the Delicious Gundar na Ladva..


3/4 cup melted ghee / clarified butter + 2 TSP 

3 cups whole wheat flour or gehu Ka Aata

4 tablespoon edible gum or Gond or Gundar

1 cup powdered sugar ( can add more)

Half cup roasted almonds made into a coarse powder

Half cup dry coconut grated well

 3 tablespoon Ginger powder or sonth or soonth 

One and half tablespoon of Pipramul or Ganthoda


Heat the two teaspoons of ghee clarified butter on a medium flame, when it is hot enough add the edible gum or the gond and cook for about 2 to 3 minutes till the gond fluffs up

Keep it aside to cool

Now heat the 3/4 cup of melted clarified butter or ghee in a broad bottom vessel ,when the ghee is hot enough add the whole wheat flour and cook, stirring all the time

Take care that the flour does not stick to the vessel and keep on stirring till it turns dark brown in colour and emits a lovely Aroma
Keep it aside and allow it to cool

Once cooled, add the Gond or edible gum that we fluffed up, powdered sugar, almond powder, soonth or the Ginger powder ,pipramul or Ganthoda, the grated dry coconut and mix everything well ….should form into a semi dough consistency

Now make laddoos out of this dough in the size you prefer …small or big

Garnish with grated coconut on top

The delicious winter delicacy GUNDAR NA LADVA is ready to be served !!!!

Relish this yummy sweet all through the winters and don’t forget to share it with your loved ones too !!!

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