Garlic Chutney – Chutney Day Special by Rushina Ghildiyal

Being a Gujarati, have to post this Recipe which I have been seeing my Mom making it for years. which I still love …now I am sharing this family secret with you!!!

So My Fifth Chutney is one of my favorite Indian chutney. it just adds that ZING to all your food whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. it’s just yummy!!!!

Its loved by not only the adults but also the kids love it. my young nephew has it with just plain Roti when he doesn’t want to have the vegetable Or he might just add it to the vegetable and happily eat it that’s how good this chutney is!!!!

An Authentic Gujarati CHUTNEY which is present in every Kathiawadi Kitchen, it is a favourite condiment.

Now the quick recipe for it, the fastest Chutney you can make!!!



Red Garlic Chutney

Ingredients for Garlic Chutney

  1. 25 big peeled Garlic Cloves
  2. 3 to 4 tbsp of red chili powder ( add as much as you like)
  3. A half cup of oil ( any oil that is preferred like groundnut, sunflower, mustard, sesame)
  4. Salt to taste


Take all the ingredients in a mixer jar.

Blend all together with the oil.

Do not use any water, if you want to add more oil.

Your Super Delicious Chutney is ready.

This can be stored for a very long time in the Fridge as it has a great shelf life since no water is used.

Have it with bhajiya, with roti sabji, add it to your vegetables to make it more succulent, add to your sandwiches. you can do a lot of variations with this. it will just Spice up your dish.


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