Fig Strawberry Preserve…. A Winter Delight

Winter gets its amazing share of Fresh Fruits & vegetables, Figs & strawberries being one of the best in this season
The moist sweet Figs with tangy strawberry makes a great combination especially for Jams, Preserves, Marmalades

The unique combination of Figs with strawberries made me try this Preserve with large pieces of strawberries & figs with the skin

Fresh Figs are a very rustic fruit which can add a very earthy flavour to any dish when added & are also absolutely delicious to have just as a fruit… also being highly nutritious

Strawberries are loved by one & all including children so this combination Jam of Figs & Strawberry is a great option to feed natural fruits to your kin

Strawberry has a very tangy taste which naturally adds a little sourness to the sweetness of the Figs & so this Figs Strawberry Preserve/ Jam is a hit always !

The difference between a Jam & a Preserve is that Preserve has larger chunks of fruit even with skin sometimes as I have added the figs in this recipe

This delicious Figs Strawberry Jam/ Preserve stays fresh at room temperature for a week & more than a month in the refrigerator

The Figs Strawberry Jam / Preserve can be added to a salad dressing, to your cake batter or simply apply a big chunk of it on your toast & indulge


Recipe for this sweet & tangy Figs Strawberry Jam / Preserve


6 Figs with skin

1 dozen strawberries

Juice of one lemon

Three fourth cup granulated sugar ( can add lesser)

1 tbsp butter

Pinch of salt  ( optional )


Wash & clean the figs & strawberries very well

Chop them into chunks leaving the skin on for the figs

Transfer the figs & strawberries in a pan

Cook the figs & strawberries on a low flame for about 5 minutes till the juices ooze out of the fruit

Add the sugar at this point & cook again for about 10 to 15 minutes

The mixture will start to thicken as the natural pectin in the fruit releases 

Add the butter at this point 

Cook for a few more minutes

When the mixture stops sticking to your pan, the jam / preserve is ready

Let cool to room temperature

Store in a glass container 

Figs Strawberry PRESERVE / Jam is ready

( If you want to make it more like a Jam, add the figs without the skin & chop the fruit into small pieces)

Its the Season to enjoy Fresh Fruits Jams & Preserves 


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