Fenugreek Quinoa Pilaf

Hii, today’s recipe is dedicated to my love for the wintersweet potatoes that are so widely available in the winters, they are so pink n fresh that I thought of making a fusion dish with it.

Quinoa is such a healthy substitute for rice that I thought of making a pilaf  ( a kind of pulav/rice dish) by using simple ingredients so that people who don’t want to indulge in rice can savour this dish.

If u want u can make this with either white rice or brown rice.

I have used fenugreek leaves and sweet potatoes but that again can be replaced with spinach and potatoes, use your imagination and maybe you will come up with some interesting dish all by yourself.

You Need

  1. 1 cup quinoa
  2. 1/ 4 cup boiled lentils  ( i used whole masoor dal)
  3. 1 cup freshly cut fenugreek leaves  ( methi leaves)
  4. 1 big sweet potato diced
  5. 1 onion sliced
  6. Half a tomato diced
  7. 2 tbsp of ginger garlic paste
  8. 3 cups of water
  9. 2 tsp olive oil / any other u like
  10. 1tsp of chilli powder
  11. 1 tsp of coriander powder/dhania powder
  12. 1 tsp of cumin powder / jeera powder
  13. Salt to taste

Heat oil in a pan n add the ginger garlic paste, onions,tomato n cook for a minute then add the fenugreek leaves n saute again for a minute add the salt, chilli ,coriander , cumin powders n cook for half a minute n then add the quinoa n lentils n cook for a minute for the flavours to set in before adding the 3 cups of water, let it all cook on a high flame till the water reduces to half, then add the sweet potato n then cook till all the water dries up, if u need u can add half a cup of water more.

Add the sweet potato halfway through the cooking else it will cook so much that it will get all mixed up.

If u don’t want to use coriander n cumin powder u can simply use taco seasoning / garam masala but I prefer the coriander cumin.

So have fun making this wonderful pilaf and PLS DO FOLLOW MY BLOG if you like my recipes and reviews,you will get a follow pop up at the end of the recipe.


Fenugreek Quinoa Pilaf


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