Gujarati Dudh Kairi

First of all, I would want to apologize to all of you for posting a Recipe after so long especially the MANGO ones.

But it has been a very hectic Summertime with making Pickles, having guests over for my Aamras Puri Thali. Finally travelling to Goa for a much-needed break. So after my Mango Recipes are done you will be reading a lot about Vegetarian Goan Food on the blog.

Coming back to my favourite Summer Fruit Mangoes, this is a Fruit which is known as the Golden Fruit. Not only because its Delicious but also because it is fully loaded with Nutrition.

The below chart has all the properties mentioned

Aamras is a very famous Gujarati Dish & usually, everyone is aware of it but DUDH KAIRI is a much lesser known dish but it is just sooo Delicious. A Very Simple Recipe with only three ingredients but has to be perfectly made or it will not taste good if the Flavour is not proper. But don’t worry, my Recipes are always there to make mouthwatering dishes !!

DUDH KAIRI can be accompanied with Puri & Subji or also had as a Dessert.  But my favourite is to have it after Dal-Dhokli which is again a famous Gujarati Dish ( Do let me know if you want the Recipe in the comments below )

Recipe of DUDH KAIRI 







You need

  • 1 litre Chilled Milk
  • 5 tbsp mango pulp ( Alfonso )
  • 2 big mangoes cut into  small cubes
  • 2 tbsp sugar


  1. Mix the Chilled Milk & sugar well.
  2. Stir in the mango pulp until mixed properly & the milk should become slightly orange in colour.
  3. Now mix in the mango cubes gently taking care not to break the pieces.
  4. Keep it again in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours so that all Flavours merge together. Otherwise your dish will be a total failure.


dudh kairi

The Delicious DUDH KAIRI is ready to be gorged on !!

Serve it with any Gujarati Farsan / Snack or have it at meal time like we have Basundi, in any case, you will love it.

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