How to Make Detox Drink

Lately, I have been posting Recipes for Winter or for the Festivals that have gone by. But today I am going to share an Easy but really interesting Detox Drink Recipe for you which is so necessary after all the glutinous gorging we have all done!!

I have always had some or other detox juices along with my breakfast which is usually Upma, Poha, Khakhra with Mung or occasionally Overnight Oats.

I feel these juices not only detox my body but are also great for the gut. Detox is usually associated with weight loss but do you know how beneficial they are also for our well being… physically as well as mentally?


So when I went to the market the other day, I came across some fennel ( saunf/ variyali ) seeds along with the mini Amla( Gooseberry ) which is only available till the first week of March. You will find vendors selling these along with Tamarind, raw Mango on their carts everywhere on the roads too.

When I came home, there were also some fresh Nagpur Oranges so I thought of making this Unique Detox Drink for my breakfast.

Amla/Gooseberry & Oranges have all the benefits of Citrus fruits, being high on Vitamin C which is so very important for all of us.

The Raw Fennel seeds are great for the digestive system & are full of dietary minerals which give us the energy to Kickstart our day with vigor.

Here’s the Quick & Easy Recipe for this Detox Drink

Detox drink ingredients

Citrus Fennel Drink — ( Makes One glass )

Ingredients —

  1. 2 oranges
  2. 6 mini Amla ( Gooseberry )
  3. 4 tbsp raw fennel seeds

Method —

Peel the Oranges.

Remove the juice.

Add the Orange Juice, Amla, Fennel seeds in a blender & mix everything well into a juice.

Alternatively, peel the Oranges put everything in a juicer. I prefer it this way.

The Delicious Detox Drink is ready.

Detox Drink

Since the raw fennel seeds have their natural sweetness, there is absolutely no need to add any sweetener but if you still want, add some honey.

Hope you enjoyed this Unique Detox Drink Recipe. do let me know if you want more such Recipes!

Be Happy & Thankful


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