When Sameer Malkani from the FBAI invited me to this Event by my Fave Chef Vicky Ratnani,  I promptly replied with a YES…There was no way I was going to miss this… Meeting the Master Chef & also getting to Taste his Food… Simply WOOW !
Being a huge FOODIE & also A Recipe Developer, I have always watched all his shows… Especially love VICKY GOES VEG !!! Being a Vegetarian myself I loved the different Cuisines & Amazing Fusions he put across showing some great Techniques & sharing really useful Tips…. When I watch a Food show, I like less Drama & more Recipes & Information about Food & that’s what I love about his shows !!!

So when I met him personally, I was impressed by his passion for Food which simply oozed out of him… He was also so very courteous taking care of all the guests personally.. When he found out I am a Vegetarian he actually made a Delicious Veggie Pizza & sent it across…. That’s a TRUE Chef who wants all the people to enjoy great Food !!! THANK YOU VICKY for the sweet gesture!!!

The Event Cohosted by THE FOOD BLOGGERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA with THE US CRANBERRIES was Amazing … CRANBERRIES are my favourite snack but when they were added to the Delicious Menu Curated by Vicky Ratnani… that was just something awesome

CRANBERRIES is not something we use in our Cooking, we usually do a lot of Baking with it or simply munch on them…So when I tasted all the dishes with the Delicious Cranberries I was Stupefied & also motivated to use Cranberries henceforth in my Cooking…

The Evening started with some great Cocktails & Mocktails for a Teetollar like Me…

The STARTERS like the WILD RICE ARANCINI  (an Italian dish of small balls of rice stuffed & fried, coated with breadcrumbs)… cheese oozing out of these was superb ….as were the freshly baked Pizza

The Chef Talking about the Amazing Menu.. Watch him 👇

[wpvideo fuYaikPd]

Now for the Salvinating Menu by the Super Chef using The Delicious US CRANBERRIES

1. ROASTED PUMPKIN , LENTIL & CRANBERRY BISQUE with Truffle oil, Sour Cream —– A Soup which had all of Us actually licking our Fingers ( if i may say so ) Perfectly made & the Cranberries added some great Flavour !!!

2. ARABESQUE —- Meaning ARTISTIC!!  And Artistic it was…A Superb Salad made with Chickpeas, Baby Eggplant, Courgettes & Cranberries

3.  GREEN CHILLI, KALE & CRANBERRY RISOTTO— An Amazing combination which made a mouthwatering Risotto…


4. CHARCOAL & SPICED COTTAGE CHEESE with Succotash of Barley & Cranberry, cilantro aioli —- An Amazing combination again…


5. CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE with Raspberry Sorbet & Macerated Berries — Simply Lipsmacking, I loved the Rich creamy cheesecake with the Chocolate not being overpowering, the Raspberry Sorbet was Delicious as were the Strawberries..

There was also the BRAISED TOM TURKEY BREAST with Honey glazed root vegetables, scallion mash & Cranberry Chutney which my Carnivorous friends were raving about !!!


A Pre Christmas Treat Indeed !!!

Chef VICKY has Curated the Menu for all the PIZZA EXPRESS in Asia which is Wonderful.. Let’s Rush to The Pizza Express 😊😊😊

An Anthralling Evening with Great Food & Foodies with a Super Chef & His Delicacies with Cranberries had Us all captivated !!


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