One more Brilliant event with the FBAI

This time the bloggers were called for an Event with the Masters of cookware… VINOD INTELLIGENT COOKWARE !!!

This is India’s first Revolutionary cookware brand that has changed the cooking experience and made life easier for homemakers ,Chefs ,Home Chefs, the Girl on the Go and Everyone who wants to COOK and that too Healthy… they have been serving the country since 1963 which should make us really proud of them….

Designed to save your money this COOKWARE assures an experience that lasts for a Lifetime.. Being a home maker and a Recipe Developer I am surrounded by Food 24/7 so I know what is the importance of Good quality cookware… I have been using Vinod cookware since many years and I absolutely love the high quality they give us..

For this event they introduced us to the NEW INTELLIGENT FITNESS COOKWARE which helps us to retain the nutrition in the food by using less or almost no oil when you cook in it.. I would say FITNESS motivated COOKWARE this definitely was…

From Frying Pans to Pressure cookers to Insulated Bottles, I was Stupefied by the whole range.. especially their SANDWICH bottom COOKWARE intrigued me which has Stainless steel and Aluminium used in different layers at the bottom to give the benefits of both!!!!

The ZEST INDUCT COOKWARE which is NON-STICK is also INDUCTION friendly & is a 3 coat Ceramic reinforced right through extra thick aluminium for Even COOKING ,Consumes less Gas and it’s easy to COOK…IT Is

1. Ceramic reinforced Top coat for the most durable non stick effect and the best cleanability..

2. Highly ceramic reinforced MID Coat for the best wear resistance and the optimum bonding of all layers….

3. Highly ceramic reinforced Base coat, for the optimum adhesion to the substrate and the longest durability..

[wpvideo b9o6irP7]

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The event was a fun filled event with quizzes, games Great Food by Veranda ( my favourite restaurant in Bandra, love the Ambience ) Wine and some Great Bonding with the Bloggers… They also imparted some vital knowledge about the COOKWARE, its Uses and Benefits and also inspired all of us to get fit…

[wpvideo UIcsMmRU]

I also won a contest in the event which really delighted me !!! You can see it in the above video…

So what are you waiting for???? Run to get your Vinod cookware right away and start your fitness absolutely now!!!!

The whole event really inspired me to get back home and try some great FITNESS Recipes with my VINOD COOKWARE gift which I returned back with…

I’ll be sharing 2 Recipes ….one made on the Dosa tawa and the other on the frying pan.., on the dosa tawa I’ll be making a Moong daal Zucchini Chilla which is full of protein and …. the other one is a Strawberry Oats Pancake which is a Healthy breakfast to start your day with….

Moong Daal Zucchini Chilla—


1 cup Moong Daal / Yellow lentils

1 Zucchini grated

1 onion chopped fine

1 teaspoon dried oregano

1 teaspoon chili powder

Salt to taste

Method —

Wash & soak the Moong Daal / yellow lentils in warm water for 1 hour

Grind the Daal/ lentils in a fine paste

Add the grated zucchini, chopped onion, oregano, salt & chili powder

Mix everything well together

Take the VINOD Dosa Tawa
Heat the Tawa

Brush with just a little oil

Take a ladleful of the batter & spread on the Tawa

Allow to cook well on both sides till tiny brown spots appear, make sure the gas flame is medium

The Healthy Delicious Chilla is ready to be served!!!
Serve with a Chutney or Any Sauce you like…



Half cup whole wheat flour

Half cup Oats flour ( Simply Roast the Oats & Grind them into a fine powder)

Half cup Strawberries chopped

2 tablespoons of powdered sugar

2 teaspoon yoghurt

1 cup milk

1 teaspoon rose syrup ( optional )

1/ 4 teaspoon baking powder

Pinch of salt

Method —-

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl to make a batter, should not be too thick not too runny

Take the VINOD Fry pan

Heat the pan, brush with a little butter or olive oil

Spread a small ladleful of the batter on the pan

Cook well on both sides till well done
Serve hot with Honey or Maple syrup !!!
This is a great Breakfast option…You can omit the sugar completely if you like …

Hope you Enjoy these Recipes as much as I Enjoyed cooking with the Amazing VINOD COOKWARE !!!!


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