FRUITS: Enriched with All the Essential Nutrients, Fibre, low in Calories & Sugar, it is the best Food made for Mankind.

Different Fruits have different My Fave Way to have a Fruit is to Cut & Eat it of course but Many times I love to have a SMOOTHIE.

A Smoothie is basically some of your favourite fruits mixed with Honey & Yoghurt & generally had on an empty stomach; like for a Quick Breakfast there’s nothing better than a Smoothie, mix in some soaked Oats with the Fruits & U have a Healthy Delicious Breakfast Ready.

Fruit can be chosen by you, Bananas are a favourite to be used in Smoothie but I am going to share my Special Cocktail Smoothie Recipe which tastes just like the Cocktail juice that is available at all the Juicewalas in Mumbai.

A Classic Street Juice turns Healthy.

For the Cocktail Smoothie.


  1. Half a pineapple ( make sure the skin is removed properly)
  2. 1 Apple
  3. 1 🍐 pear
  4. 250gms black grapes
  5. 100gms papaya
  6. 4 tbsp yoghurt
  7. 2tsp Honey ( optional)
  8. Ice as much as preferred


  1. Wash all the Fruits well
  2. Chop them
  3. Put them in a blender with the yoghurt & Honey & blend well
  4. Add the ice & blend again


Cocktail Smoothie

Yummy Cocktail Smoothie is ready.

If you want it to taste it like the Mumbai Cocktail just adds in a little Chaat Masala.

I usually do not add Honey in this Smoothie because it has a natural sweetness to it.

If you don’t like Papaya, don’t worry, there’s no taste of it in this Smoothie.. u can even omit the papaya but it is too Healthy to do that…

This Smoothie is so Full of Energy that U can have it post your Workout or even when U are on a Weightloss Journey. Keeps U as fit as a fiddle!!!

Add in a little Oats & Almonds to make it more Healthy & to Kickstart Your Long Busy Day!!

Be Healthy & Happy Always.


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