Celery!! The Super Food

Super Food Celery

CELERY which is also known as Apium Graveolens is a Super Food by itself, just as an Apple or Spinach is.

CELERY is an Incredible herb to be used in any form, Chopped or Juiced.


The Stalks of the plant are as nutritious as the leaves, so use them whether in a salad, pasta, curry or even in the Juice.

CELERY Benefits are Colossal

  1. It reduces inflammation of the joints, reducing pain.
  2. It relieves lung congestion, sinus, helps in asthma.
  3. It helps you become Stress-Free as the magnesium in celery helps you sleep better, try including celery in your evening snack or dinner.
  4. It reduces the acid in your body, try having a glass of celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach.
  5. It can be a WOMAN ‘s favourite herb as it induces weight loss.
  6. It aids in Digestion because of the fibre content in it.
  7. It helps in neutralizing Uric Acid, fights urine infections.
  8. It is helpful in Treatment of High Blood Pressure.
  9. It lowers High Cholesterol.
  10. It helps prevent Ulcers in the Stomach.

Juice a small bunch of Celery & try having it everyday first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and See the Wonder.

Have any one type of Juice for only 15 days then try & change, as your body will stop responding after some time. Change the herb & have some other juice for a fortnight, then switch back to CELERY. I have posted the benefits of PARSLEY which you can check too

Have a lot of Vegetable & Herb Juices & Keep Yourself Healthy, Fit, & Happy.

I will be posting more of these on my blog so keep checking or Simply Follow Me!!

PS: Please Refer to a Medical Practitioner if you are suffering from any ailment.

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