Making of Boondi Rabdi

The Festival Season in India has started off… Colourful & Vibrant, People enjoying every moment. Awesomeness in every aspect!!!

When there’s so much PASSION, how can GOOD FOOD be Far away?

Every Festival has its Loved Variety. Every State has a Speciality. Food in every Region is so different yet similar in some aspect & Now there’s FUSION. which is so delicious if made the right way.

I am going to Post one of My Favvvvvv Fusion Indian Dessert Recipe which simply combines The Indian Sweet BOONDI & RABDI with Pistachios. Rose Flavour gives it such a Persian Touch which is the Twist!!! For the BOONDI



  1. 1 cup Besan / Chickpea flour
  2. Half cup water


Mix the Besan / Chickpea flour with the water Heat Ghee in a nonstick pan Once the oil is hot, take a perforated spoon, pour the Besan mixture in it, spread with a spoon & the boondi will start falling in the pan or You can simply do it with a spoon a.s shown in above picture if you don’t have a perforated spoon.

Fry till golden in colour


Remove on the tissue so that the excess oil drains away

Keep aside

For the Sugar Syrup—

  1. 1 cup sugar
  2. 1 cup water
  3. Few strands of saffron


Heat the water in a pan, add sugar & let boil for around 4 / 5 minutes till it is a little thick Take a drop of the water in your fingers & it should have a one thread consistency. If you cannot follow that just make sure to boil the water as mentioned earlier Switch off the flame Add the Saffron in it Add the Boondi in it Let it soak for almost half an hour.

Strain the BOONDI out of the water Remove in a plate or bowl, allow to cool



Your Boondi is ready!!!

For the RABDI U need—


  1. 1 litre of full-fat milk
  2. 3/ 4 cup sugar
  3. 1 TSP Rose Extract
  4. Few drops of edible red colour ( optional)


Boil the milk & sugar together for about 30 minutes Boil until it reduces to half

Switch off the flame

Keep aside the Mixture to cool

Once it’s cooked it becomes thick

Add the Rose Flavour & the red colour, mix it thoroughly

RABDI is ready

For Assembling the Boondi Rabdi Dish—-


boondi rabdi

Take a fancy bowl

Add the BOONDI,

Add the RABDI on top,

Garnish with slivered Pistachios

Boondi Rabdi

Serve Chilled.

A Delicious Delicacy Boondi Rabdi is ready… Yellow, Pink, Green… Colourful & Yummy Serve it to your Family & Friends in the Festival Season & Delight Them!!! If you don’t want to make a Fusion, simply Relish the BOONDI & RABDI individually which is a Pleasure itself!!!


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