Noodle Bar!! 

Have a look at this review of Noodle Bar, High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel on @Zomato —

Parsley Underrated Superfood!!

Parsley Underrated Superfood In my this series of Superfood, I have to include parsley as it’s so Underrated that most people think of it only as a garnish but it…

Radish /the Wonder Root!!(Mooli)

Radish /the Wonder Root Earlier I shared some of the Amla benefits, in the same series I am going to share the advantages of having Radish/ Mooli. It is a…

Sinful Strawberry Trifle 

Strawberry Trifle Hii, it’s the season of luscious Strawberries so how can we not have a recipe for Strawberries!! I am going to share my classic Trifle recipe which combines…

Spicy Masoor Dal/ Red Lentil 

Spicy Masoor Dal Today I am sharing a Dal recipe with U people as Dal is my comfort food whenever i don’t want to overload myself or after i have…

Ferraro Brownie Cake 

Ferraro Brownie Cake  As I promised yesterday I m gonna share one of my best recipes with you guys of the brownie cake !!! My very good friend who’s a…