Beety Almond Latte / Frappe

Almond Latte recipe

Hate Beets? Try this recipe
A beetroot latte served Hot or as a Frappe to make this festive season
Beets are so full of nutrition but most of the time disliked… This is a delicious way to have them & even serve them to your guests & keep them guessing the amazing drink they just gulped down happily !!

Beetroot is a superfood by itself, great for raising your iron levels as well as for your gut !!

All you need for this simple recipe of Beetroot /Beety Almond Latte

Ingredients for Almond Latte

  • Half boiled beetroot
  • 2 tsp almond flour/powder
  • 1 cup milk/water
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1-star anise

Method for Almond Latte

  • Heat the milk on a slow flame
  • Add the almond powder & stir well keeping the flame on slow
  • Then add in the star anise, chopped beetroot & sugar
  • Bring everything to boil on a slow flame
  • Once boiled, allow to cool just a little & strain in a bowl
  • Now mix with a hand blender till it gets a little foam on top
  • Pour in a mug & top it with a dollop of fresh cream
  • Garnish with the star anise, almond slivers & some rose petals

PS — if you want serve like a frappe, add in ice after straining & then mix in the hand blender.

A simple, easy & healthy recipe for the Christmas season coming up.

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