I have posted some special Recipes for DIWALI…so how can BhaiDuj be left out… A Special Day for the Special Bond between a Brother & Sister.. Something so cherished by me …https://youtu.be/qSMYGTZaL0Y
I love Dates, so Healthy & Delicious… Also very good for the well being , Sugarfree, full of nutrition, has so many benefits..

My Recipe for this day is BAKLAVA DATE CHOCOLATE… Adding a little Middle Eastern Touch to my sweet today…

So let’s get started with the recipe..

U need—


10  Black Dates with Seeds

2 tbsp roughly chopped toasted almonds

2 tbsp roughly chopped toasted Pistachios

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon powder

2 TSP honey

Melted White Chocolate


Mix the almonds, Pistachios, honey, cinnamon powder

Slit the Date lengthwise & remove the seed, do not cut the date, we want it whole 

Fill the Dates with the Nuts Honey mixture

Do not overfill

Take some melted white chocolate

Dip the filled Date in the Chocolate

Colour it with Edible Red & Gold colour as shown in the video..


Allow to cool on a parchment paper in the Fridge for about 10 minutes


Take some dark chocolate of your choice

Add a mint leaf

Take the white chocolate date, add a little melted white chocolate at one end

Stick on the dark chocolate & mint leaf

The Beautiful Delicious BAKLAVA DATE CHOCOLATE are ready…

U can make as many as you want & decorate as you like….

Don’t wait, Simply Gorge

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Happy BhaiDuj..




Megala · October 21, 2017 at 8:59 am

Beautiful & delicious !

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